Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Types of Christian Embroidery Designs for Your Next Project

Religious embroidery designs have always been popular, especially Christian embroidery designs. These particular embroidery designs rose to popularity during the Medieval times, when many people used religious designs in creating embroideries.

Many churches and places of worship during this time use materials that incorporated such embroidery designs. In fact, they had to retain the services of at least one person who is an expert at religious embroidery.

If you’re going into using Christian embroidery designs for you next big project, you need to know the five general types of Christian designs to fuel your creative endeavor.

Baptism Embroidery Designs

The Sacrament of Baptism is the first of the Seven Holy Sacraments. This opens the door to Christianity for the child or person being baptized.

Baptism embroidery designs can be used on the baby’s christening bib or blanket. The most common of these Christian embroidery designs include a descending Holy Spirit dove, a Holy Spirit appliqué, an ascending Holy Spirit, baptism shells, a vintage ecclesiastical design, a descending Holy Spirit flame, a baptism and cup, a fish in water, and more.

Bible Verses Embroidery Designs

These are popular embroidery designs often found as decoration in Christian homes. They are likely framed and installed on the walls in the living room. Some embroidered Bible verses are also used as Bible covers and religious pillows. You can even have an embroidery pattern created out of your favorite Bible verse, if you want to.

Bible verses in embroidery also prove to be great gifts to people whom you want to share God’s words with. It could be to encourage them to continue doing good, to lift their spirits up when they are feeling down, to show them how much God loves us, and more. This kind of gift is perfect for being customized with your personal touch. It is also a lasting gift with a hopefully everlasting effect on the recipient.

Marian Symbol Embroidery Designs

These embroidery designs are often found in the homes or offices of Marian devotees. You may use them as wall decorations, especially the Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen designs. You may also find them being embroidered to the shirts or uniforms of a group of Marian devotees.

The most common designs under this Christian category include a variation of the vintage ecclesiastical design, Hail Mary, St. Clement’s Altar Guild Ave Maria, Hail, Holy Queen prayer, Madonna and Child, Ave Maria variations, and more.

Christian Cross Embroidery Designs

These Christian embroidery designs are not only found in places of worship. embroidery designs of Christian crosses are also found on the altars in Christian homes and offices. The most common of these embroidery designs include the Tryzub cross, Canterbury Cross with Celtic knots, Deacon’s Cross, Modern Crucifixion Cross, vintage ecclesiastical design variations, Cross with Bethlehem star, and more. These designs might even be found right at the door of the homes, symbolizing protection and blessing for the family living in it.

Embroidery Designs of the Catholic Saints

These Catholic Saints designs are often found in the homes of people who are devoted to a particular saint. Saints are people who were given this honor because of their life and acts that are worth emulating by Christians. The most common religious and Christian embroidery designs under this category include the Double Sacred Heart, the Virgin Mary icon, St. Peter’s symbol, St. Joseph’s symbol, and more.