Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 Ways to Exfoliate Your Body For Healthy Skin

Beneath the skin you have, is a very beautiful layer of skin. Your body keeps forming new skin cells and replacing the dead ones. However you are not able to see this because your skin is still trapped under layers of dead skin. When the dead cells pile up, you start having dry, rough and unhealthy looking skin.

However, your skin does not have to look like this because there are ways to take the dead cells away. Exfoliation is the key. Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of old dead skin cells that are congested on the outer part of your skin. It is very important for the skin of your body and face. There are several ways to exfoliate your skin.


Exfoliation is usually a part of facials. A facial is a full face treatment that involves cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and skin nourishment. Facials are a very good way of skin care because they not only exfoliate the skin but also give you a good complexion and a hydrated skin.

It is important to have your facial done by a professional for good results. For instance, many local day spas and beauty salons offer facials. A good example is the best facial Peoria, IL has to offer at Five Senses Spa and Salon.

When you are done with the facial process, you will have exfoliated your skin giving it a good look. When you are having facials ensure that you understand your skin type and any allergies you might have.

Physical Exfoliating

If you do not have enough time and money, you can simply do simple physical exfoliation at home. The most important factor is to get rid of all the dead cells on your skin. There are several recipes and techniques you can use for simple physical exfoliation.

Mixing normal white sugar or baking soda with water can form a very good paste that you can use to scrub your whole body. You can even make the oatmeal and honey scrub that will not only exfoliate but also nourish your skin. Another way of physical exfoliation is by use of a mesh puff.

During physical exfoliation ensure that you do not over scrub your face. Not only night you hurt yourself but you might also take away the natural oils founds in your skin that are extremely useful.

Chemical Exfoliates

There are creams and lotions that are specifically made to help in exfoliation. If you visit the right stores, you will find exfoliating creams for skin types and colors. All you need to do is apply the cream on your body and face avoiding the area around the eyes and swirl it around to get rid of dirt and dead cells.

With chemical exfoliators you do not need to scrub your skin. Scrubbing will result to the skin being very sore hence it will produce more sebum and you might have an acne problem. After a few minutes you can rinse your skin and ensure that all the cream has been washed away.

Even though you might use either of the methods above, ensure that you always cleanse your face and moisturize after every exfoliating process. Do not leave your skin dry because you will have wrinkles and you might get pimples.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How a Chiropractor Can Help Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Chiropractic is a medical practice that specializes on disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system with specific focus on the spine. In addition to these two areas, chiropractors also deal with the effects that such conditions have on the general well-being of the body of a patient.

Simply put, chiropractors handle a wide variety of issues, such as head and neck pain, low back pain, joint pain of the limbs, and even pain deriving from the lower extremities. Regardless of pain, all of these issues correlate with mobility (or lack thereof.) 

Joint immobility and movement restriction could be as a result of a number of factors. Athletes often encounter bouts of such immobility due to muscle strain or injury in the course of training and exercise.

This could mean that an athlete has over-worked their muscles, undergone stress with poor movement mechanics, and/or continued training without restoring proper mobility with stretching and other forms of release. In many cases, a professional chiropractor can offer a sound solution.

Chiropractic Treatments that Help Restore Mobility

In the exercise of their profession, chiropractors usually perform a number of procedures aimed at restoring mobility and proper movement mechanics. One of the most common procedures that some chiropractors Bloomington, IL use is spinal manipulation or adjustments. Here, the chiropractor will aim at restoring mobility of your joints by applying force into the joints that have become immobile.

The injury you suffer usually has the effect of altering the spinal posture and this situation could extend for some time. So as to remedy such cases, you may have to undergo therapy in which chiropractic physicians specialize in. In injuries of this nature, controlled force would be applied to the injured location for the purpose of restoration.

Athletic injuries which fall under the chiropractic field normally force the injured tissue to undergo a number of changes that may be chemical, physical or in other cases both. The changes envisaged here may then lead to inflammation and reduced productivity on the part of the patient. In addition, one may suffer pain that would make it impossible to lead a productive sports life.

Benefits of Working With a Chiropractor

Since any form of muscle or nervous system disorder usually has a huge impact in the productivity of an active client, chiropractic therapy is normally a good alternative treatment. Practitioners in this area employ a hands-on approach to the diagnosis and treatment. This ensures recovery from serious injuries and eventually the restoration of full mobility in the cases of an athlete.

One advantage of taking the chiropractic adjustment alternative as opposed to other avenues is that this particular treatment rarely causes any forms of discomfort. In essence, patients with muscular or nervous disorders would be guided to recovery without any side effects that are common with other practices. The only downside that one may have to deal with is that of soreness which is to be expected with such forms of treatment.

In addition to restoring the ability of an injured party to participate in physical activity, chiropractic therapy, adjustments and its other constituents may also be used to compliment other forms of pain-relieving or muscle-restoration therapies. Thus, other than the benefits of well-being that one can acquire from chiropractic exercises, its complimentary aspect makes it even more suitable in dealing with all forms of sports injury.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Is Rolfing the New Deep Tissue Massage?

Rolfing is a stem of soft tissue manipulation that seeks to organize and restore the whole body. Rolfing affects the body posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system.

Similar to massage, Rolfing is usually applied or administered by a qualified practitioner, but in a series of 10 or so sessions with the objective of maximizing individual well being and mind.

It's a hands–on body work system that improves structure and coordination, manipulates fascia and also improves energetic movement through the body.

Rolfing, in a way, is like deep tissue massage, but slightly different. Learn more about this powerful form of body work and why it's becoming the new form of massage treatment for individuals in need of more rehabilitative care. 

Intentions of Rolfing

The main purpose of Rolfing is actually to balance and realign your head,chest,shoulders,legs , and pelvis in order to create lasting changes in your body. This technique actually takes a holistic approach to improve the quality of life through your body.

By re-educating your movement patterns and re-aligning your body, you can greatly reduce or completely get rid of chronic pain issues, have more energy and increase flexibility.

Rolfing has given many people a chance to reduce or eliminate dependent on expensive time consuming maintenance programs that don’t deliver positive results. The main intentions of Rolfing are:

1. Improve posture and alignment - You will be able to sit and stand straighter and taller with less effort. You will also breathe easily and feel lighter.

2. Aches and pain - Rolfing will reduce pain and tension in your body. This is because this technique will make your body more balanced and symmetrical.

3. Improves Flexibility - Rolfing will enable you have easier movements and a wider range of motion in the joints. Older people will appreciate a sense of youthfulness as earlier movement pattern will be restored.

4. Performance and well being - You will use less energy for any given movement and also be able to perform movements with ease and greater efficiency.

5. Stress and well being - Rolfing will help relieve paint and also contribute to your overall well being. You will experience psychological growth as the emotional history that is stored in your body gets released. Free and more responsive body will support you better in every aspect of your life.

How Rolfing Relates to Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage mainly focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It works by tackling the stress that can block circulation and cause inflammation, pain and limit movement.

Although Rolfing differs from deep tissue massage, they have some common characteristics. Some of those characteristics include:
  • Both work to realign the body
  • The both help you to relax
  • They both help to relive stress, pain muscle tension and inflammation
  • They both help to improve circulatory and respiratory problems
  • They both improve flexibility
However, unlike deep massage tissue which often focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort, Rolfing is aimed at improving body functioning and alignments. Rolfing is different from deep tissue massage in that practitioner are trained to care for overall ease and balance throughout the body rather than focusing on area with tension.

Furthermore, Rolfing can speed up pain recovery by reducing pain, muscle tension and stiffness. Unlike other forms of massage therapy which is usually a onetime treatment, Rolfing structural integration is usually performed in a series of 10 sessions.

The practitioner begins with your head and works down to the feet. In addition, Rolfing practitioners believe that Rolfing is actually a spiritual process. Many people who have undergone through this process have reported to have experienced emotional catharsis.