Monday, December 15, 2014

Why You Should Choose Organic Toys for Infants?

Every parent wants the best for their infant child and would never knowingly subject them to harmful chemicals. Yet each year thousands of parents are unknowingly doing exactly that, by using non-organic toys.

Most parents trust that any baby toy they buy is safe, because the toy manufacturers tell them so. Ideally, this would be the case, but unfortunately the matter is not that black and white. Non-organic infant toys are often made with materials that contain harmful chemicals.

Knowledge is power, so lets explore the matter further and learn what distinguishes organic from non-organic infant toys.

What Makes A Toy Organic?

Any organic toy for infants worth buying, will have a stamp of certification from an organic certification agency. This is how you can distinguish between the toys that say they are organic or natural (but might not be) and the ones that truly are.

To be truly organic, the raw materials used to make the toy must be grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, hormones, chemical pesticides, herbicides or growth boosters. The manufacturing process must also be free of any artificial/non-organic substances.

First, Do No Harm

Most conventional toys today are not as harmless as they might look. The majority of toys today are made from plastics. Plastic is a completely unnatural, man-made substance that nature has no way of breaking down or re-using. You will never find an organic plastic toy. Plastic toys can leach toxic chemicals that have been proven to disrupt immune function and hormone balance.

Not exactly harmless.

Toy companies often combat concerns by arguing that levels of harmful chemicals in their toys are too low to affect babies. But why take the chance, when your baby is likely putting these toys in their mouth and playing with them for long periods of time. Cumulative effects of close contact with these chemically produced toys are what we are concerned about.

Certified Organic Toys for Infants are Harmless

Organic toys for infants have an unbeatable resume. Lets take a look:

Non-toxic: Organic toys are made from all natural materials that have not been grown or manufactured using harmful chemicals or processes.

Non-allergenic: Organic toys are made from materials that are natural such as wood, cotton, silk and wool that are safe and gentle for an infants sensitive skin.

Eco-friendly: Organic toys are good for the planet. Materials are responsibly grown and sourced using low-impact, sustainable methods.

Organic Toys are Educational 

Most organic toys for infants are created with an educational purpose in mind. The most noticeable difference between conventional and organic toys made in the United States, may be that organic toys look more simple. Don't be fooled.

Simple toys encourage infants to develop their cognitive function and creativity in order to engage in play. Natural organic materials such as wood, cotton and wool will also appeal to infants sense of touch, allowing them to make important textural connections with the world around them.

Conventional toys with flashy gadgets, bells and whistles, can be overwhelming for infants. The beauty and simplicity of natural toys will appeal to babies on a more natural level.

The Simple and Natural Choice

Hopefully by now, you are beginning to understand what makes organic toys for infants far superior to conventional non-organic toys. When empowered with these facts, the choice will be simple. Choosing organic baby toys for your infant will not only do good for the health of your baby, but it will also do good for the planet and reduce your environmental footprint.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Going Deep Into The Practice of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is one of the powerful as this types of massage therapy can create the most change in an individual's physical make-up. Unlike a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage can provide a host of benefits for individuals dealing with restricted ranges of motion, or worse: pain.

In this blog post, we go deep into the practice of deep tissue massage therapy and how you can get the most from this unique and highly beneficial form of massage.

Basics & Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is highly advantageous for individuals who put a lot of stress on their body (i.e. athletes, construction workers, etc.) Deep tissue massage applies very precise and targeted rubbing and specialized massage techniques that are intended to go deeper into tight and tense muscles of the body. The combination of strong pressure and slow massage movements can significant help to release muscular tension and even adhesions that can be held in contraction for long periods of time.

Deep tissue massage can provide a wide range of benefits for pain relief, athletic rehabilitation, and increased blood flow to specific location of the body that need healing. In most cases, deep tissue massage therapists apply a high level of compression and force on deeper layers of the muscle. This compression combined with slow and gliding movement is designed to reduce chronic patterns of tension and constant states of contraction.

In essence, a deep tissue massage is can be highly beneficial to relieve pain. And although this form of massage can sometimes be uncomfortable due to extreme muscle tension that result in knots or hard tissues, the outcome of the therapy can yield profound levels of relaxation and often times a release of serotonin in the body.

Ensuring Your Massage is Indeed "Deep Tissue"

Unfortunately, there's a wide quality spectrum in what some massage therapists call "deep tissue massage." In short, some people need an incredible amount of pressure to release hard tissues. In these cases, a very strong deep tissue massage can help. Alternatively, therapies like Active Release Technique (ART) may be more beneficial. With ART, a practitioner will apply similar deep tissue pressure while combining passive movement and other specialized techniques.

To get the best experience and outcome when investing in deep tissue massage, it's recommended to choose a massage therapist wisely. Do your research, read reviews, ask a lot of questions, and get familiar with your options before investing in the massage. Some therapists will be honest and upfront about their massage techniques and what you can expect. For information, we encourage your to consult with:

N8 Touch Massage
2501 East College Avenue
Suite C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-661-2110

The massage therapists of N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL apply a high level of strength to work deeply into tense and tight muscles while respecting the level of comfort of clients. Some deep tissue massage sessions can feel very intense (i.e. for rigorous athletes), however most clients enjoy the experience and find the outcome to help optimize their mobility.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Spa & Salon Services That Can Help Relinquish Stress

Women who have a lot of responsibilities including work, being mum and being the breadwinner experience regular periods of stress. All the burdens seem to fall on her not forgetting her monthly period that causes a hormone explosion. Many women may not know that spa and salon services could be the answer to stress. 

They may visit these salons occasionally but have no idea of the huge impact they are making on their body’s overall health. The following are five of the best salon and spa services for stress relief.

Massage Therapy

Massage is a form of body art that many salon professionals know how to perform. Massage relaxes the body and relieves tension. Most salons have a professional massage table set in a relaxing environment. The environment is supposed to be as cool and calm as possible allowing one to melt away their worries. A relaxing body massage improves circulation while restoring a tranquil state to the whole of your body. Some salons offer different massage options such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue and more.


A lady can enjoy a soothing face massage at a salon. This massage will improve circulation as well as relieve tension in the neck region. Facials can help a woman restore her natural beautiful glow. Some salons also offer a pore cleanse as part of the facial experience. The pore cleanse hydrates, repairs and cleans your skin. Other salons offer custom facials as well as organic and vitamin C facials. Vitamin C facials are great as an anti-aging technique.

Manicure and Pedicure 

These two options relieve stress greatly since they involve a great pampering of the hands and feet. First, a lady’s hands and feet are soaked in cleansing milk, lavender, almond or any other option available at your local salon. The hands and feet are then bathed.

This sensation causes one to feel dehydrated skin and the worries of life escape them one by one. The salon professionals then give you a massage that restores the life your hands and feet had once forgotten they had. This form of pampering restores nail health and is extremely calming.


Saunas are one salon service that can relieve stress as well as bad colds. The steam in this room improves breathing and circulation. Using a sauna can help relieve stress through relaxing tense nerves. The environment is cool allowing you to think of nothing but those four walls. All a lady has to do is sit, relax and let the steam take over. One can expect to reap the benefits of improved hydration and better skin.

Hair Salon Services 

Stress can lead to hair loss or thinning of hair. This kind of problem requires one to embrace relaxation. Regular pamper sessions can help a woman achieve this relaxation and manage stress. When hair is washed the sensation of cold water on the scalp makes you think of nothing else but your hair and the cold water.

It makes you forget the troubles you left behind the salon’s door. Salon professionals always offer a hair massage before you leave. This massage improves blood circulation on the scalp and could make your hair grow longer and thicker. Professional hair services could also help you sleep better.

A woman should consider regularly treating herself to all of the above services for a better stress-free life. This post is sponsored by local spa and salon in Peoria, IL:

Five Senses Spa and Salon
7719 N Grand Prairie Dr
Peoria, IL 61615
(309) 693-7719

Visit this famous Peoria, IL day spa online at: If you're in Peoria, Illinois and like spas and salons, then you'll be glad that you did.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Medical-Specific SEO a Win for Surgeons and Doctors

All surgeons and doctors who are trying to get their practices visible online and easy for people to explore should think about the use of medical specific SEO. Such specialized SEO solutions are designed to relate to specific standards that are used in the medical community. As a result, the quality of SEO service (compared to standard non-medical specific SEO) is incredibly higher and holds greater potential.

This is a fascinating aspect of SEO in that people who work a little harder for their SEO plans tend to do better with regards to managing their overall marketing plans. However, all people in the medical field need to take a look at what should be done to make it work as well as possible.

Medical SEO for surgeons and doctors can pay incredible dividends when it comes to earning new patients. If this form of marketing interests you as a doctor, surgeon, or medical/health professional, then we encourage you to learn more about the possibilities of this avenue.

Discuss Different Surgical & Medical Technologies

It is often best for many surgeons and doctors to talk about the many technologies that they might work with. These include technologies relating to such functions as how to take care of surgical procedures or medications that may be used. Anything involving laser-based treatments will especially be of interest to anyone. This type of information conveyed on a website is critical for medical SEO, especially SEO for surgeons.

Keep Content Updated & Patients Informed

There are all sorts of different things that might come about in any physician's office including brand new technologies, additional personnel and even new terms and medications that may be offered at a spot. The details that can be listed are essential to find but many people will easily be able to handle their general functions as required if the right solutions are figured in the overall SEO process for such a site to make it fit in well with the requirements that one may have at a certain time in the developmental process.

Focus On Optimizing Each Page

Medical SEO for surgeons often entails a need to concentrate on each page being optimized to the point where there is a very specific point relating to each individual page. Every page must be designed to where there is only one key topic. This part of SEO is needed to allow for more pages to be supported by a search engine. This is especially concerning for medical professionals as many people who search for those professionals often do so by listing information on very specific treatments, conditions and other services.

Transparency Is Critical

Transparency is an essential aspect of medical-specific SEO functions that needs to be reviewed with care. Transparency refers to showing details on all the procedures that one wants to work with and will help to add a bit of content that will be unique and appreciated by any search engine.

Transparency can also entail functions from the technical side of SEO processes. Good analytic measures can be used to help people understand points like how people get onto a site and what pages they view. Sometimes SEO plans can help people in the industry to get an idea of why people come to a site and what they will look at in order to get a closer idea of just how people are going to utilize a site as needed.

The big point about medical-specific SEO is that it's all done to ensure that it will not be too hard to get any online marketing plan to be managed and utilized the right way. This is to ensure that there are no problems coming with what might be utilized at any given time.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Advanced Chiropractic Care: More Than Just Spinal Manipulation

When it comes to chiropractic care, spinal manipulation is just the beginning. Not only can you receive spinal manipulation and back adjustments, you can also explore even more treatments from advanced chiropractors. By expanding the scope of treatment, they can help you better maintain the wellness of your body.

Don’t limit yourself. Advanced chiropractors can show you a variety of exercise programs and treatments that can be done in your home or in their office. They help get to the underlying cause of pain.

 By exploring all of the treatment options that your chiropractor has available, you could find a treatment program that works better than you could imagine. Learn more below and explore a few chiropractic treatments that you may want to consider.

Disc Decompression

Disc decompression is a treatment that can help with relieving pain from degenerative disc diseases and other issues like sciatica, and spinal stenosis. It is a non-surgical procedure and offered by many advanced chiropractors. Pain relief is important for reviving normal exercise and work routines.

Using a traction table the spine is gently stretched releasing pressure on spinal discs. When pressure compresses the discs in the spine, irritation and inflammation can occur, causing pain. All of these factors contribute to issues that cause lower back pain. Accompanied by active and passive treatment options, disc decompression can completely remove pain and return you back to your normal life.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a chiropractic treatment where lasers are used to stimulate body tissue. This stimulation reduces pain by enhancing the body’s natural healing process. Lasers emit light to different areas of the body, allowing tissue to regenerate and heal the area. It also reduces inflammation with can also cause pain.

Low-level laser therapy is the use of red and near infrared monochromatic light. It is a short term treatment used to treat conditions such as, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other causes of acute pain. Cold laser therapy is another name for low-level laser therapy. Doctors use small hand held lasers so treatment is fast and you can be back to your normal routine quickly. Take a look at this real world example of how a Berkeley chiropractor use laser therapy to treat his patients.

Exercises to Balance the Muscular System

Combined with chiropractic care, exercise is important to help manage pain. Different exercises are taught by the chiropractor but can be done in your home. By strengthening muscles and conditioning the heart, digestion and blood circulation is increased enhancing the body’s healing ability.

With a well-balanced muscular system, the chances of acquiring a debilitating injury are reduced. Different stretch and strength movements aid in the support of back bones and nerves. Exercise helps to improve muscle and bone function and that is important for the control and prevention of muscular and neurological disease.

Advanced chiropractors can demonstrate proper exercise techniques to prevent injury while exercising and doing everyday things. Safety is important and the tips they provide can lead to an improved and long lasting function of the back.

Remember to keep an open mind when visiting the chiropractor. An advanced chiropractor can do much more than just back adjustments and spinal manipulation. They can provide other treatments such as laser therapy and disc decompression. They can also show exercises that can improve, enhance, and preserve the function of the muscles and nerves.

For more information on advanced chiropractic care, visit:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Types of Christian Embroidery Designs for Your Next Project

Religious embroidery designs have always been popular, especially Christian embroidery designs. These particular embroidery designs rose to popularity during the Medieval times, when many people used religious designs in creating embroideries.

Many churches and places of worship during this time use materials that incorporated such embroidery designs. In fact, they had to retain the services of at least one person who is an expert at religious embroidery.

If you’re going into using Christian embroidery designs for you next big project, you need to know the five general types of Christian designs to fuel your creative endeavor.

Baptism Embroidery Designs

The Sacrament of Baptism is the first of the Seven Holy Sacraments. This opens the door to Christianity for the child or person being baptized.

Baptism embroidery designs can be used on the baby’s christening bib or blanket. The most common of these Christian embroidery designs include a descending Holy Spirit dove, a Holy Spirit appliqué, an ascending Holy Spirit, baptism shells, a vintage ecclesiastical design, a descending Holy Spirit flame, a baptism and cup, a fish in water, and more.

Bible Verses Embroidery Designs

These are popular embroidery designs often found as decoration in Christian homes. They are likely framed and installed on the walls in the living room. Some embroidered Bible verses are also used as Bible covers and religious pillows. You can even have an embroidery pattern created out of your favorite Bible verse, if you want to.

Bible verses in embroidery also prove to be great gifts to people whom you want to share God’s words with. It could be to encourage them to continue doing good, to lift their spirits up when they are feeling down, to show them how much God loves us, and more. This kind of gift is perfect for being customized with your personal touch. It is also a lasting gift with a hopefully everlasting effect on the recipient.

Marian Symbol Embroidery Designs

These embroidery designs are often found in the homes or offices of Marian devotees. You may use them as wall decorations, especially the Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen designs. You may also find them being embroidered to the shirts or uniforms of a group of Marian devotees.

The most common designs under this Christian category include a variation of the vintage ecclesiastical design, Hail Mary, St. Clement’s Altar Guild Ave Maria, Hail, Holy Queen prayer, Madonna and Child, Ave Maria variations, and more.

Christian Cross Embroidery Designs

These Christian embroidery designs are not only found in places of worship. embroidery designs of Christian crosses are also found on the altars in Christian homes and offices. The most common of these embroidery designs include the Tryzub cross, Canterbury Cross with Celtic knots, Deacon’s Cross, Modern Crucifixion Cross, vintage ecclesiastical design variations, Cross with Bethlehem star, and more. These designs might even be found right at the door of the homes, symbolizing protection and blessing for the family living in it.

Embroidery Designs of the Catholic Saints

These Catholic Saints designs are often found in the homes of people who are devoted to a particular saint. Saints are people who were given this honor because of their life and acts that are worth emulating by Christians. The most common religious and Christian embroidery designs under this category include the Double Sacred Heart, the Virgin Mary icon, St. Peter’s symbol, St. Joseph’s symbol, and more.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Makes Great Chiropractors? 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Chiropractor

If you are new to chiropractic, then it could be somewhat problematic for you to find the right chiropractor that will meet all your needs, while knowing that you are getting the best care possible.

There are a lot of great resources that will help you obtain valuable information in order to assist you in your search for the best chiropractor. Here are some tips to help you make an educated and well thought choice regarding your personal health care professional.

1. Chiropractic Techniques

There are a number of different methods and techniques of treatment in chiropractic, and no two are exactly the same. Some technique will work great with a specific patient, but at the same time it will be pretty useless for someone else. With this in mind, make sure that you avoid any chiropractors that claim their technique is superior and more successful to others.

2. Confidence And Honesty

One of the most important tings to look for in a good chiropractic doctor is definitively honesty. You should always look for a doctor that has both confidence and trust in all of his patients, as this means that his treatments provide quick and great results. Average and bad chiropractors will try to make you sign up for a long-term treatment before actually seeing how to properly respond to your treatment.

3. Appropriate Diagnosis And Treatment

This part is very important to finding the best chiropractor. Chiropractors have been through extensive education and training in order to become health care providers, and this training consisted out of proper examination, diagnosis and treatment methods.

If you find your Bloomington IL chiropractic office lacking in any of these fields, than he shouldn't be treating you. More advanced and qualified chiropractors will also use X-rays in order to make precise and well calculated diagnosis which will ultimately lead to more efficient treatments and more sustainable outcomes. Using X-rays can often provide critical information that can direct various treatment protocols or referral options for the patient.

4. Word Of Mouth

Positive word of mouth is always a good sign, no matter the profession. If you are trying to find a great chiropractor, then you should listen to what others in your community have to say about them. Actually, you should trust them a lot more than the ads on TV or Facebook. Creating a good advertisement is quite easy, but generating many positive opinions based on experience gained from actually being treated by that chiropractor is something that can't be faked.

5. Willingness To Refer

Unfortunately, some chiropractors try to treat conditions that are well out of the realm of chiropractic. Having a chiropractic treatment while suffering from a certain disease is a good thing, but chiropractors should never be directly treating you for that disease. A fine chiropractor in Berkeley, California will always refer you to a specialist if the situation requires it.

Choose a Great Chiropractor

With these characteristics mentioned above, you now have the right criteria to evaluate all potential chiropractors. Begin by making an appointment with three chiropractic clinics that have a good reputation, and after meeting with the chiropractors make sure to ask them a lot of questions about the way they are treating their patients.

Always make sure that you remember the importance of a good examination, diagnosis and treatment process, as it will help you a great deal in finding the best chiropractor to successfully solve your problems.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Embrace Massage Therapy with a New Intention

Science has shown that professionally-conducted massage therapy works wonders in more ways than one. The health and wellness benefits of massage can go much deeper than helping to release muscle tension, aches, and pains.

So during your next visit to your massage therapist, perhaps you should embrace the massage with a certain intention. Whether to relax and relieve stress or promote healing in ailing parts of the body, a brief discussion with your massage therapist can pinpoint the perfect type of massage (along with the proper mindset) to help make you a better human being. Below are a few intentions to consider.

Enhances Flexibility

Sports injuries are far more common today than ever before. But in addition to injuries resulting from athletic pursuits, many individuals encounter minor injuries (pulled muscles, sprained anxles, etc.) from leading a sedentary lifestyle. In short, not keeping joints, ligaments, and muscles in motion can make one's system rigid and highly in-flexible.

In addition to embracing a slightly more active lifestyle that incorporates movement, flexibility can be greatly enhanced through massage therapy. With a good deep tissue massage for injury relief or prevention, your muscles, joints, tendons, and connective tissue become more fluid, hydrated, and less susceptible to injury.

Evaporates Stress & Anxiety

Countless research studies have proven that massage therapy significantly reduces both blood pressure and thus heart rate. In turn, this helps encourages the release of feel good endorphins throughout the body, such as serotonin and dopamine.

If you're constantly feeling stressed and anxious, a good wholesome massage may be in order. Almost any type of massage can help encourage feelings of calmness and relaxation (with the exception of deep, deep tissue massages which are often directed toward healing and rehabilitation. Opt for a long 60 or 90 minute massage, and let the stress evaporate.

Relieves Tension and Headaches

Studies have shown that over 3 million people in the U.S. report dealing with migraine headaches. This is mostly due to individuals experiencing enormous amounts of stress coupled with poor sleep and rest.

Regular massage therapy can significantly help promote much needed relaxation (and stress-relief), and thus evaporating the potential onset of a migraine or tension headache. Tell you massage therapist that in addition to focusing on a general relaxation massage (or Swedish massage), you'd like to place some attention on the cranial area, such as the temples.

Improves Post-Surgery Healing & Rehabilitation

The post-surgery rehabilitation process is a critical phase after any surgery, whether knee surgery or breast augmentation surgery. It is during the post-op rehabilitation and recovery stages when your body needs to be stimulated in the right manner.

Research has made evident that patients after surgery who receive regular massage treatments can heal their bodies quicker. This has been particularly noted among athletes who undergo reconstructive surgery of the limbs, as well as women who are healing from breast augmentation surgery. In essence, massage therapy helps to promote increased blood flood and circulation in parts of the body that need it most, and thus accelerates the recovery process.

Ecourages Easier Breathing

One of the most clear signs of anxiety and stress in an individual is constricted breathing. Short and shallow breathing makes it nearly impossible to fully relax and unwind. For this reason, massage therapy can provide the ideal solution to achieve a complete relaxed state to make breathing easier and more fluid.

On physical level, constricted breathing is often caused by tight muscles in the rib cage as well as the abdomen. Precision massage treatment can help release these problematic tight spots, all while helping your body relax. Specific health benefits can help alleviate a number of respiratory issues, including asthma, bronchitis, sinus problems, and allergies.

Regular and professional massage therapy can be a complete game-changer in how you lead your life. Massage not only help us on physical level, but can also offer mental and emotional health benefits. If you can afford to invest in regular massage treatments, do it. It's one of the best forms of healthcare that your body will love.

This article was contribute on behalf of the Bloomington, IL massage therapists at N8 Touch Massage. Offering a wide range of massage therapies to the people of Bloomington, IL, N8 Touch Massage is haven for holistic healing and relaxation through the art of massage. To learn more about N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL, you can visit the website or check them out on Google+.

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The Pettibon System for Chiropractic Care

As used by some of the most innovative chiropractors, The Pettibon System is an effective posture and spine correction methodology that not only provides pain relief, but also works toward restoring the normal form and function of the spine. It is a comprehensively researched, practical alternative to physical therapy and chiropractic care. Furthermore, the Pettibon System even an alternative to medication, pain management and surgery.

The Pettibon System chiropractic principles are based on the belief that gravity plays a fundamental role in the development of abnormal spinal form. Human beings are supposed to hold their heads upright and nervous system makes sure that they do this even if it means that the lower spine has to be displaced to accomplish it.

The Pettibon Weighting System

By taking the Pettibon chiropractic principles, Pettibon System practitioners utilize them in order to realign this spine. This way the spine is able to function optimally to help hold the head upright. The patented Pettibon Weighting System is the most important part of the Pettibon System, which is applied during this alternative treatment.

During chiropractic treatment, patient have to wear specially designed head, hip and shoulder weights for up to twenty minutes every day, which ultimately corrects their spine. The spinal displacement that requires correction determines how many weights and where they have to be placed.

The centers of mass of the head, pelvis and thoracic cage are altered when the weights are worn. As a result, sensory inputs are sent by the righting reflexes to the nervous system to inform it that the spine needs to be corrected. Since the body needs to be balanced to the weights, the natural organizing energy of the nervous system causes some of the spinal muscles to contract and others to relax.

As a result, the posture and spine are corrected and repositioned, making them relative to gravity. In addition, the involved muscles are prompted to do isometric exercises because of the weights. This restores their balance, endurance, and strength. This practice, along with adjustments and other treatments provided by a professional chiropractor, can offer profound levels of improvement in mobility and overall functioning.

Why Isometric Exercises?

The musculoskeletal system’s muscle bundles consist of two kinds of muscle fibers. One is the phasic muscle fiber and the other is the postural muscle fiber. Both types of fibers are present in each muscle bundle but typically, a muscle group is dominated by only one of these two types of fibers. Postural muscles have mostly the postural muscle fibers. In the gym, when people do aerobic exercises and lift weights, it is the phasic fibers that are affected. At that time, nothing much happens to the postural muscles. So, posture is not improved even though phasic muscles are strengthened by the exercises.

When phasic muscles are injured and/or get fatigued, they collapse and go flaccid. However, postural muscles spasm when they are injured and/or get fatigued. Moreover, postural muscles never spasm evenly, they spasm either front-to-back or side-to-side. That is why the body’s appearance is distorted by poor posture because the spine shifts from its normal position. In isometric exercises, pulling or pushing is involved against a force that moves extremely slowly or remains stationary. As a result, postural muscle spasms are eliminated, and their balance, endure and strength are corrected and rehabilitated.

Why The Pettibon System For Chiropractic Care?

For over 30 years, the Pettibon System has proven to be helpful in the improvement of the health of patients. It focuses on muscular development, nutrition, and postural and spinal correction. The Pettibon System involves the active participation of patients in their own care, both at the clinic and at home. Currently there are very limited chiropractic practices that offer the complete Pettibon System by certified chiropractors in Berkeley, CA and other parts of the world.

To learn more, visit where you get all in the information you need about this advanced form of chiropractic care.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Neon Tank Tops for Summer Fashion

Neon tank tops have become one of the most prominent fashion statements this summer. If you are thinking about revising your wardrobe, these tank tops are a must have.

Neon tanks are versatile tops that pair well with several items. This allows you to mix and match them to get the exact look that you want.

Neon tank tops look amazing when you wear them with skinny jeans, skirts, and shorts. One of the main advantages of these items is that they are quite affordable. This means that you can get them in several colors. You can also wear them each summer.

If you are traveling for a vacation, you can fit in several neon tank tops in your suitcase. You can wear them on the beach on top of your bikini. They can be worn by both men and women.

For the men, these items offer a great opportunity for you to display your tanned and toned arms. It is easy to throw on a tank top when you are heading out for shopping or to the beach.

Pocket Tank Tops

One of the most popular styles is neon tank tops that have pockets. These are vintage classic items that were very popular during the 70s and 80s. They look amazing on various skin tones.

The bright colors make custom neon pocket tank tops stand out and this means that you do not have to over accessorize them. If you choose to accessorize these items, select dangling earrings and necklaces. Scarves in bright colors also pair well with these tank tops.

You can wear your neon tank top to work under a blazer. It can also look great with a mini-skirt. You can layer the pocket tank tops or wear them on their own depending on the weather and the kind of look that you want to create.

Customizing Neon Tank Tops

It is possible to customize your neon tank tops to make them look unique. You can include your name or a certain symbol depending on your preferences. You and your friends can get the same design if you are attending an event.

There are various sites that allow you to customize your neon tank tops. is the most popular option to use when you want to make something unique. This site specializes in custom tank tops for parties, corporate promotions, sororities, fraternities, and schools.

To customize your neon tank top, visit and select the 'Create Your Own Custom Tank Top' option at the top of the page. Once the page opens, select the product you want to customize. You have a variety of colors to choose from such as neon yellow, green, pink, sky blue, honeydrew, pacific blue, seafoam, and mango.

Choose the design that you want to use on the tank top. The design can either be a clip art or image that you have saved on your device. The site allows you to upload images that you want on the tank top. You can also add text and change color. has edit options to make it easy for you to make as many changes as you want to get the right design.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Best Exercises for Retirement Community Residents

There is no doubt that exercise is very important for people of all ages. As you grow older, you should not despair and quit exercising. To maintain a healthy body, everybody needs physical activity that keeps your body moving. This helps in keeping a good physique, strong mental health, and also weight loss.

For older adults in retirement communities, the amount of exercise to do depends on factors like sickness and age. There are several types of exercises that older adults can do. They are not very intense and will not affect your health. Below we suggest a few great options that go well with retirement communities.

Endurance exercises

Examples of such exercises are jogging, biking, swimming, walking and dancing. These types of exercise help to stabilize your breathing rate and are good for your heart. Do not over work yourself by doing so many exercises per day. Your goal should be to have 150 minutes of exercise in a week. Depending on your health status, you can choose to do any of the endurance exercises. If you cannot ride a bike then swimming and light jogging could be the right exercise for you.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting helps in making you gain enough strength for your body. There are several weights that are recommended for older people. Do not go for the heavy weights because you might overwork your muscles and get a bad injury. Weight lifting should be done for a maximum of three days in a week. You should make sure that you have a rest between sessions or days to gain your strength. In the rest day, you can have other exercises. If you feel like you have the energy to lift weights ever day of the week, then you should ensure that you interchange the working muscles.

Balancing exercises

As you grow older, you might start facing difficulty in balancing and maintaining your stability. Due to illness or aging, most people can only stand for few minutes without risk of falling. Stability exercises help in strengthening your lower body. You can walk on your toes for short distances or do the stark pose. This is where you hold your arms wide apart and stand on one foot. At first, you might find it hard to maintain your balance but as you progress with your daily sessions, you will start gaining your balance.


It is good to stretch your muscles so that your body stays flexible. These exercises are very good for people who have difficulty in walking or movement. Although they do not increase strength, they make your body limber and make movement easier. Stretch your shoulders, calf, thighs, legs and upper arms gently.

Chair exercises

There are several exercises that are chair bound for those people who have wheelchairs. You can use resistant bands for muscle strengthening. As you pull and stretch you are stretching your body and also adding stretch to your hands. You can bind the bands to furniture or even door knobs. You can even stretch the parts of your body that you are able to move without causing yourself a lot of pain. If you are seeing a physiotherapist or any kind of doctor, you can inquire about chair bound exercises that are fit for you.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Chiropractic Techniques to Release Spinal Tension & Alleviate Back Pain

Spinal tension and back pain can cause a lot of pain and frustration if self-care fails to offer relief. This can make prompt medical attention a necessity.

If you suffer from low back pain and spinal tension, it may be in your best interest to consult with qualified chiropractor for treatment. Chiropractors rely on a variety of treatments to deal with these conditions. Here is a list of the most common chiropractic techniques used to alleviate these debilitating issues.

Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to treat lower back pain that does not resolve with simple self-care. This chiropractic technique can also help to enhance physical function. It has been know to offer mild or moderate relief almost immediately.

Research evidence reveals that spinal manipulation is just as effective as other traditional forms of treatment for this condition such as taking pain medication, sleeping on a firm mattress, and applying heat on the affected part. It's considered a safe alternative to standard treatment options but it has to be carried out by a qualified practitioner.

A professional chiropractor also needs to be licensed to perform spinal manipulation. You may experience some minor side effects after the procedure including discomfort, which usually goes away after a few days. However, this discomfort is completely normal.

Your chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation by hand or specialized device designed to apply pressure on the spine joints. The pressure that is applied on the spine has to be controlled to prevent damage. The amount of pressure used will depend on the kind of manipulation the chiropractor is using. The main objective of spinal manipulation is to relieve the back pain and allow you to walk and move with ease.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

This chiropractic technique involves using a motorized device referred to as the spinal decompressor to stretch the spine. Spinal decompression therapy is specially used to relieve back pain. It is a non-surgical alternative to surgical spinal decompression. This is an ideal option if your back pain is caused by a herniated, bulging, or degenerating disc.

Spinal decompression therapy works by producing negative intradiscal pressure. This pressure helps the bulging or herniated disc to get back to its normal position. Lower pressure is also created through this technique to make it easy for nourishing nutrients to find their way into the disc, promoting healing.

It is important to note that this therapy should only be offered by a qualified individual. The spine is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and adequate care is required to make sure that no further damage is caused during treatment.

Torque Release Technique

This is one of the most advanced chiropractic techniques. The torque release technique is gentle and this ensures there are no cracked bones after the procedure. It is also comfortable because patients are not required to be in a bent position during the torque release process. The technique offers relief for back pain. It targets your nervous system, enhancing your well-being.

Torque release technique is recommended for diagnosing and identifying spine subluxation. It is also an effective solution for those who suffer from spinal tension. The technique releases the tension throughout your nervous system allowing your body to function properly.

Adjustment is carried out using a special tool called an integrator. This tool directs impulses into your spine. The integrator makes quick adjustments compared to using the hand to manipulate the spine. It is also more accurate and consistent, making the adjustment powerful.

The Graston Technique

This is a manual form of therapy chiropractors use to treat back pain. The Graston technique manipulates the soft tissue using some special instruments. A unique form of massage is used to touch the skin gently. This technique makes it easy for a practitioner to determine if there are any restrictions in the soft tissue. Injuries that affect your soft tissues can cause pain. The manipulation can help to break up any scar tissue that may be causing the back pain.

Only select chiropractors offer the Graston technique. One of the most renown is Dr. Timothy Bly of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic in Bloomington, Illinois. Dr. Bly has a reputation the leading chiropractor Bloomington, IL has to offer, as he offers over 30 years of experience and the most cutting edge techniques in chiropractic.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Chiropractors also use laser therapy to treat back pain. Low-level laser therapy is used because it enhances the body’s natural healing process. Red and near-infrared monochromatic light is used to penetrate your skin.

A light source is put on the skin to enhance circulation and restore cell function. It is recommended for back pain but it has to be performed by a qualified chiropractor to determine the precise location, cause, severity, and frequency of your pain.

With these chiropractic techniques (especially when used in conjunction) your chiropractor can help you overcome your low back pain. Look around and ask prospective chiropractors in your area if they provide some of these specialized treatments, and if they're able to put together unique programs given your circumstance. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

3 Peoria Vacation & Travel Ideas

If you're planning a Peoria vacation or just passing through the area, then this short post is for you. There are many interesting things to see and do in Peoria, too many to mention here.

With that in mind, and to help make your Peoria vacation as memorable as possible, we have put together a few places and things we recommend anyone who is planning to travel to Peoria, IL should visit and do.

Peoria Grandview Drive

Ideal for any Peoria vacation, the Grandview Drive is a must. The former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt described Grandview Drive as the 'World's Most Beautiful Drive' when he visited Peoria in 1910, and it is not too hard to see why he made such a claim. The views Roosevelt saw during his time there are still visible and in fact, unchanged since Native Americans settled there many centuries ago.

The drive itself is a lovely two and half mile drive that rewards visitors with an amazing panoramic view of the Marshall, Tazewell and Woodford counties. On an especially clear day it is thought that you can see over 30 miles of the picturesque Illinois River Valley.

Caterpillar Visitors Center

While this is perhaps one of the most popular and obvious attractions in Peoria, no trip to the city should be complete without visiting the Caterpillar Visitors Center. Caterpillar is probably Peoria's most famous export, and the Caterpillar Visitors Center offers you a chance to learn about and look back at the history of the company from its small beginnings as a tractor manufacturer into one of the leading companies in the building industry.

While it is not free to enter, the price is extremely reasonable and a family of four can easily take a self-guided and interactive tour round the center for just under $20. One of the highlights is the 24 ft. high 797 mining truck which also doubles up as a movie theater. It definitely makes the travel to Peoria worth it for those interested in big equipment and machines.

Peoria Zoo

Peoria Zoo, formerly known as Glen Oak Zoo, is based in Glen Oak Park is home to over 100 different species of animals. The Peoria Zoo opened a new exhibit called Africa in 2009, which features a boardwalk that allows you to walk around its main area, giving you the perfect view of the whole enclosure.

The area is divided into two distinct sections - the north which is home to gazelles and giraffes, and the south which is home to rhinos and zebras. The lions that most people come to see have their own den. The mandrills also have their own enclosure. While the Aldabra giant tortoise and African crested porcupines; and Columbus monkeys and Red River hogs live together.

The Peoria zoo also features a small animal building that is home to Taveta Golden Weavers, Madagascar tree boas, African rock pythons, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, dung beetles, pancake tortoises, giant Zambian mole-rats and Zebra mice amongst others.

Peoria is said to be the oldest of Illinois’s European settlements and was first established by Henri de Tonti, a French explorer. He named it Peoria after the tribe who originate from that area and it is also the largest city that sits on Illinois River. As a result, Peoria makes for a great vacation spot that many people travel to all year around.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Develop a Movement Practice to Optimize Mobility and Athletic Performance

With weight loss, strength training, pain relief, and injury prevention being the core purpose for individuals embracing health and fitness, it is important to shade some light on importance of developing a 'movement practice.'

A movement practice is a simple way of defining a pattern of movements, motions and exercises that help to improve physical mobility and overall fitness. A movement practice can be used simply as means to stay supple as well as optimize athletic performance.

Indeed, success in exercising highly depends on the ability to schedule and adhere to a routine of movements. Here is a sneak peak of the importance of maintaining good mobility while practicing Yoga, Pilates, foam rolling and tissue work.


Yoga is a transformational exercise program based on ancient Indian culture that incorporates proper exercise, (Asanas), correct breathing (Pranayama), proper diet (Saucha), positive thinking (Dhyana) and complete relaxation (Savasana). It leads to physical and mental awareness, strong and balanced muscles as well as improved breathing system.

Yoga involves several awesome poses such as sun salutations, warrior poses, standing balances, seated, backbends, forward bends, twists and inversions. Most of these poses are done while standing and comfort enhancers such as props and cushions can be used to make the exercises comfortable and interesting.

These poses are important in facilitating good mobility, since they ensure that all the parts of the body are worked out. Moreover, our bodies always reject the changes we desire, and that is why exercising feels like a punishment. The yogic lifestyle also involves a complete life style change which may not be easy to adapt to, but which is crucial if the process is to be successful. This calls for scheduling a movement practice, to avoid disappointments.


Pilates is based on six principles namely: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. Each of these principles should be applied whenever practicing Pilates, since each of them serves a specific purpose. For instance, centering is mainly geared towards spinal alignment.

Remember that Pilates is an elaborate process that requires total commitment in order to attain the so-called noticeable difference threshold. Indeed, gaining fitness by losing weight and regaining it simply by failure to come up with a movement practice is self-defeating logic.

Foam Rolling & Soft Tissue Work

In addition to getting deep tissue massage, physical therapists and athletes mainly practice foam rolling and soft tissue work in order to inhibit overactive muscles. This form of self-massage therapy is mainly geared towards enhancing soft tissue extensibility and to relieve the muscle of knots and adhesiona.

The fact that these exercises are designed for the quadriceps thoracic spine, the hamstrings and the hip flexors among other muscles necessitates planning for a movement practice, to ensure that each muscle is worked out, in order to activate the antagonist muscle.

This is a great movement practice if you can't afford regular massage treatments. A professional massage can cost upwards to $100 for an hour, however, you don't need an hour to dig-into your tight spots. Seek out local massage therapy in your area, and see they offer 20-30 min massages that are deeper and more focal.

Tips for Developing a Movement Practice

All said and done, it is not easy to establish a workable movement practice routine. However, the following tips could be of help.
  • One should maintain a physically active lifestyle by experimenting on the various weight fitness programs.
  • The proper mix of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity should be emphasized.
  • Whenever practicing a certain exercise program, participants should ensure that they maintain the right posture at all times.
  • The movement practice should incorporate movement of major body parts (core, legs, chest, neck, etc)
Indeed, taking on a movement program haphazardly is a waste of time. A movement practice must be scheduled and followed consistently if goals are to be achieved.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Brighten Your Wardrobe (and Your Mood) with Neon Tank Tops

Are you still searching for that perfect outfit that will make you get some glances this summer? The fashion trend coming up is bold and you need to move with it. Now that summertime is around the corner, you need to start filling your wardrobe with colors.

A good summer entails a good combination of colors and styles. Bright astounding and skin showing neon is what you need to blend in. although most women tend to shun away from neon thinking that it is extremely bold, they don’t know that having a neon tank top allows you to be the top in fashion.

Express Your Personality and Creativity

It is time for you to dive into neon tank tops and leave the black cotton background you have had all year. Change can be daunting at first but making your wardrobe bright with neon will only bring positive results. With all the different styles of neon tank tops, you will always find something for your personality.

When you visit websites that offer neon tank tops, like The Neon South, you will find several customized neon tank tops readily available. You can even decide to place an order with your own specifications so that you get something that you will comfortable in. summer is about relaxing and letting go and there is no better way to do that than having a neon tank top by your side.

In the past, neon was only meant for the ravers and party-goers. Whenever you asked for or wore neon everyone would assume that you need some party wear. However with the current fashion trends, things have changed. Neon has become a fashion option for everyone. This means that you should not lag behind this summer.

Clothing Combinations with Neon Tank Tops

Neon tank tops combined with neat jeans or a pair of shorts will make you stand out in the crowd. You can even patch it up with neon accessories to add more color and class. If you are not brave enough o start off with a lot of neon, just go with a nice neon tank top and skinny jeans. These two are not only fashionable this summer but are the most comfortable pieces of clothing at any time of the day.

If you have tucked away your neon tank tops for parties and raves, then it is time to get them out and put them in your wardrobe. These days, you can incorporate neon in your daily attire and look fabulous. Have your neon tank top with another plain cloth to balance the brightness for more formal places. Having neon tank tops takes your wardrobe to a next level of bright. Neon tank tops do not only brighten your wardrobe and look but also help to uplift your mood. A good color will make you relaxed throughout the summer and with a great mood.

There are so many places that offer good quality customized neon tank tops like American Apparel, The Neon South, Alibaba.Com and Customized Girl. Stay inside circle by having neon tank tops and making yourself part of the trend. Do not miss out on what others are wearing this summer.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seeking a Massage Therapist? Ask These 3 Questions to Find the Best

This article was contributed on behalf of the professional massage therapists of N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL.

Are you looking to get a massage and looking to connect with a professional massage therapist? Is this your first time getting a massage and you're unsure of where to start? Before you jump on the massage table, research and shop around for a reputable massage therapist

Once you've narrowed your search down and make an appointment, be sure to ask questions to ensure you will receive the best services possible. When meeting with a potential therapist for a consultation, prepare three questions that may give insight into helping choose the best massage therapist. Talk to the therapist about your overall health and purpose for seeking such therapy. This can help with determining the best approach to achieve desired results.

What type of massage do you specialize in?

There are over 200 types of massage that a therapist may or may not be familiar with. Some massage therapists may use one or several massage techniques simultaneously. One may specialize in deep tissue massage, while another works with athletes and gives sport massage.

 If you're seeking therapy that's gentle on the tissue, there's a massage to relieve that stress. Ask up front to determine what type of massage will help alleviate and target the problem muscle area.

Where did you get your massage training or schooling?

Not all massage therapists are the same and the same goes for schools specializing in massage therapy. Many schools approach the discipline differently using alternative, traditional, hands-on and practical approaches.

A massage therapist fresh out of school will have approximately 500 hours of training. Depending on the state, the requirements may vary. Universities and community colleges are a good foundation to begin course work taking two years to complete. Therapists should be licensed by through the National Massage Board. If they hold a license in the state in which they practice, they don't have to necessarily be nationally licensed.

How long have you been a massage therapist?

Having hundreds of hours of academic training under your belt is good, but having workplace experience is the real training. While there are many talented veterans who have made a name for themselves, there are also many talented beginners. On average, five solid years of experience is a good enough time frame to master the art of massage therapy. Ask your therapist about their track record and find out if they have crossed trained other specialties such as reflexology and aromatherapy.

These questions are the starting point for having an ongoing relationship that can help with muscle problems. Not only will continuous therapy help with healing the muscles it also helps with blood circulation, arthritis and back problems.

Once you've decided on the therapist you want to hire, they will first come up with a therapy plan based on your root problems and adjectives, as well as the massage services they have to offer. Determining factors such as severity of the pain and the length of the session can determine how long it will take to get the desired effects.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Characteristics that Define the Best Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities have a lot to offer to the seniors. Be it nature trails, yoga classes, arts and crafts, leisurely activities, game nights or movie nights, there's usually something enjoyable, social, and fulfilling that older adults can experience at quality assist living communities.

There is more to great assisted living facilities than the fitness rooms or heated indoor pools; it’s all about the facility’s staff and the environment. It's the thought of knowing that your loved one gets all the attention and assisted care he or she needs.

If you're scouting for the perfect assisted living facilities or retirement communities, then this article is for you (or your loved one.) Below we share information about the characteristics that define the best assisted living communities.

1. A Clean, Safe, and Attentive Atmosphere

Assisted living is often associated with safety and care. The best communities have top quality staff members who always keep communication open. The staff members are easy to contact and decisive when something needs to be discussed.

From the director to the kitchen staff to nurses and care aides, everyone is ready to go out of their ways and do the little things that have immense impact on the senior’s life. In other words, assisted communities should be places where a senior can refer to the staff as considerate and dependable irrespective of who you call.

A perfect example is Snyder Village of the Peoria Area, one of top assisted living communities in the Midwest. At Snyder Village, the primary focus is the quality of the staff. They offer nurturing care and unparalleled levels of attention.

2. Home-Like Environment

Seniors don’t want to feel like they’re in a hospital, as a matter of fact, they don’t have to. Top notch assisted living facilities are spacious, have manicured grounds with flower beds, alluring decor and well maintained facilities.

They are places place where the living space reflects the resident’s personality. For instance, residents can hang their personal belongings such as photos and figurines on the walls.

3. Incredible Amenities

Assisted living should leave the seniors feeling like they’re on vacation. Seniors should be in for a treat with amenities like computer rooms, book libraries and classes that offer everything from scrap-booking to digital photography.

In simple terms, seniors shouldn’t stick to one place when in an assisted living community. Eating great food, using the facility’s bus ride to the shopping mall, walking the trails, golfing, well equipped fitness rooms, round the clock cafes, church services and game nights are some of the privileges to be enjoyed in top notch communities.

4. Family-friendly Environment

Sometimes, it’s tough to have your loved one placed under community care, thus it’s imperative that you find a community that’s family friendly to give you an assurance that you will stay connected to your loved one. Family involvement is vital and there should be special family nights at least three to five times every year.

Life is sweet in an assisted living facility when you can invite a friend over for lunch or when your grandchildren and great grandchildren get to visit you often. There are assisted living communities that send out invitations to family members during special events such as birthdays and other important gatherings.

Before you settle on a particular assisted living community, collect as much information as you can. You can visit the websites of various communities and read what others had to say about them. Be sure to pay a visit first, after all you want to place your loved one in the best assisted living facility.

This article was contributed on behalf of Snyder Village. When it comes to retirement in Peoria, older adults retreat to Snyder Village, one of the area's top retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Can Regular Visits to Your Chiropractor Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Chiropractic is both a modern science and an art that is concerned with the restoration and proper maintenance of the nervous system in order to positively affect the health of a sick person without having to use traditional healing methods such as drugs and surgery. 

A chiropractors' practice is rooted on the scientific premise that our bodies are self-regulating, self-maintaining and self-healing organisms.

Sometimes the nervous system is damaged or weakened hence causing tissue and organ malfunction throughout the body. This condition is known to a chiropractor as the Vertebral Subluxation complex. With chiropractic adjustments, this condition can be averted and any nervous irritations relieved.

Chiropractic adjustments increase blood motion and circulation, reduce pain, removes swelling and relieves irritation to restore the body back to its functioning order. This way the body will be able to heal itself once again.

What conditions can a chiropractor treat?

The brain and the spinal cord do a lot of control and maintenance of bodily functions and conditions. A chiropractor is trained to help these organs go back to their normal working order by performing chiropractic adjustments techniques for various conditions.

Do not be surprised to find out that most conditions (from mild to serious) originate from a poor functioning brain cell. This means that chiropractors can treat a vast number of conditions because they specialize in easing the brain path (nervous system) to allow for self-healing.

What about blood pressure?

Regular visits to a Bloomington, IL chiropractor helps lower blood pressure. You may ask how this is possible. First, let us see what causes high blood pressure. While the causes for high blood pressure vary, they all revolve around the increase of blood pressure due to the narrowing of the arteries.

A person’s blood pressure varies throughout the day – it raises and falls - depending of the type of activity, fear and anxiety, mental arousal, and even body position. When a person’s blood pressure remains high over a long time, it results in a high blood pressure condition called hypertension. Chiropractic adjustments can help lower blood pressure to prevent this condition from occurring.

How chiropractic adjustments help lower blood pressure

If you are wondering how it is possible for a chiropractor to help prevent blood pressure build up, the answer is simple. Basic science tells us that every function and organ of the body is controlled by the brain and the nervous system. It is at the top of the spinal cord - right at the base of the brain - that the pressure regulatory mechanism of the circulatory system is controlled.

Sometimes the C1 or atlas’ ,the first bone of the neck, puts a lot of pressure on the top of the spinal cord, at the base of the brain and causes the vascular system to dysfunction. This dysfunction in the vascular system causes a stimulated increase in pressure on the walls of the arteries, hence blood pressure increases.

When a chiropractor does a neck adjustment on you, the pressure at the base of the brain and on the spinal cord is relieved to restore normal bodily function. This in turn lowers the blood pressure.

With chiropractic techniques, there are no drugs or surgeries used, yet the treatment is real, effective and safe from any drug related side effects.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Retirement: Strategies & Tips to Set Realistic & Actionable Goals

There are thousands of individuals who retire from active employment every year around the globe. At their sunset days, the individuals who enter into a successful and sustainable retirement have laid concrete plans which enable them live a happy and comfortable life after retirement.

If you are amongst the group that is about to retire, then it is time you did a serious review of your retirement plans. Here are some tips to help get you thinking.

Set goals and timelines

It is important to take stock of what you have amassed so far. It is great for you if you have been having a consistent saving habit. Include income generating investments, any shares, personal savings, and social security funds in your stock.

Once you have had a clear financial standing record, start projecting possible expenses while out of active employment. Your lifestyle, medical expenses, and outstanding long-term debts determine the expenses. From this point, you can project how much you need to save to live comfortably. Set financial goals to meet in the remaining time in active employment.

Seek professional advice

Professional advice is important in setting up realistic financial goals. A retirement expert will advise on achievable goals and ways to reduce on your expenses and save more. He or she will also advise you on less risky investment ideas. (Your appetite for risk is now low).

Use catch-up investment plans to your advantage

Catch up investments are a great financial instrument especially if you had not saved much. These are tax sheltered retirement accounts such as IRAs. With these instruments, you can work your way through secured bonds. At this time, you might not be able to handle the risks involved in the money market. You need to talk to your financial adviser on the best catch up investment clubs around.

Determine plans for living

This consideration is unique per individual. Some individuals who enter into retirement take into consideration their current health and anticipated level of care they will need in the future. If assisted living is something you're thinking about, you may want to consider a retirement community or a place that offers the level of care you might need. There are a wealth of good retirement communities that offer the independence and level of enjoyment you may be seeking.

Exit at the right time

If you find that you might not have met your goals by retirement time, you may decide to downshift your retirement and add up more working years. At this time, you should tighten your financial belts and work towards saving much more. You may also work as a consultant in areas you were specialized on at the time of your retirement. Working is also a great retirement plan.

Work on your debt

Debt is likely to be the greatest headache that you might face once you retire. Most of the debt comes from long-term investments such as mortgages. It is important to weigh the benefits of continue paying up the mortgage against ploughing back cash to the stock market but paying rent. Reducing your debts before retirement will lower the pressure on your savings.

Cater for eventualities

Any retiree should be aware of such costs as medical cost and damage to property that may wipe down all their savings. It is important to plan and cater for them. One of the major unexpected expenses is medical expenses. Since your employer no longer insures you, it is prudent to have health insurance cover to safeguard your money from being swallowed up by hospital bills.

A good retirement plan is always to save more, reduce on expenses and safeguard your money from unplanned expenses. Plan wisely to have lovely sunset days of your life.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 Ways to Exfoliate Your Body For Healthy Skin

Beneath the skin you have, is a very beautiful layer of skin. Your body keeps forming new skin cells and replacing the dead ones. However you are not able to see this because your skin is still trapped under layers of dead skin. When the dead cells pile up, you start having dry, rough and unhealthy looking skin.

However, your skin does not have to look like this because there are ways to take the dead cells away. Exfoliation is the key. Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of old dead skin cells that are congested on the outer part of your skin. It is very important for the skin of your body and face. There are several ways to exfoliate your skin.


Exfoliation is usually a part of facials. A facial is a full face treatment that involves cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and skin nourishment. Facials are a very good way of skin care because they not only exfoliate the skin but also give you a good complexion and a hydrated skin.

It is important to have your facial done by a professional for good results. For instance, many local day spas and beauty salons offer facials. A good example is the best facial Peoria, IL has to offer at Five Senses Spa and Salon.

When you are done with the facial process, you will have exfoliated your skin giving it a good look. When you are having facials ensure that you understand your skin type and any allergies you might have.

Physical Exfoliating

If you do not have enough time and money, you can simply do simple physical exfoliation at home. The most important factor is to get rid of all the dead cells on your skin. There are several recipes and techniques you can use for simple physical exfoliation.

Mixing normal white sugar or baking soda with water can form a very good paste that you can use to scrub your whole body. You can even make the oatmeal and honey scrub that will not only exfoliate but also nourish your skin. Another way of physical exfoliation is by use of a mesh puff.

During physical exfoliation ensure that you do not over scrub your face. Not only night you hurt yourself but you might also take away the natural oils founds in your skin that are extremely useful.

Chemical Exfoliates

There are creams and lotions that are specifically made to help in exfoliation. If you visit the right stores, you will find exfoliating creams for skin types and colors. All you need to do is apply the cream on your body and face avoiding the area around the eyes and swirl it around to get rid of dirt and dead cells.

With chemical exfoliators you do not need to scrub your skin. Scrubbing will result to the skin being very sore hence it will produce more sebum and you might have an acne problem. After a few minutes you can rinse your skin and ensure that all the cream has been washed away.

Even though you might use either of the methods above, ensure that you always cleanse your face and moisturize after every exfoliating process. Do not leave your skin dry because you will have wrinkles and you might get pimples.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How a Chiropractor Can Help Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Chiropractic is a medical practice that specializes on disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system with specific focus on the spine. In addition to these two areas, chiropractors also deal with the effects that such conditions have on the general well-being of the body of a patient.

Simply put, chiropractors handle a wide variety of issues, such as head and neck pain, low back pain, joint pain of the limbs, and even pain deriving from the lower extremities. Regardless of pain, all of these issues correlate with mobility (or lack thereof.) 

Joint immobility and movement restriction could be as a result of a number of factors. Athletes often encounter bouts of such immobility due to muscle strain or injury in the course of training and exercise.

This could mean that an athlete has over-worked their muscles, undergone stress with poor movement mechanics, and/or continued training without restoring proper mobility with stretching and other forms of release. In many cases, a professional chiropractor can offer a sound solution.

Chiropractic Treatments that Help Restore Mobility

In the exercise of their profession, chiropractors usually perform a number of procedures aimed at restoring mobility and proper movement mechanics. One of the most common procedures that some chiropractors Bloomington, IL use is spinal manipulation or adjustments. Here, the chiropractor will aim at restoring mobility of your joints by applying force into the joints that have become immobile.

The injury you suffer usually has the effect of altering the spinal posture and this situation could extend for some time. So as to remedy such cases, you may have to undergo therapy in which chiropractic physicians specialize in. In injuries of this nature, controlled force would be applied to the injured location for the purpose of restoration.

Athletic injuries which fall under the chiropractic field normally force the injured tissue to undergo a number of changes that may be chemical, physical or in other cases both. The changes envisaged here may then lead to inflammation and reduced productivity on the part of the patient. In addition, one may suffer pain that would make it impossible to lead a productive sports life.

Benefits of Working With a Chiropractor

Since any form of muscle or nervous system disorder usually has a huge impact in the productivity of an active client, chiropractic therapy is normally a good alternative treatment. Practitioners in this area employ a hands-on approach to the diagnosis and treatment. This ensures recovery from serious injuries and eventually the restoration of full mobility in the cases of an athlete.

One advantage of taking the chiropractic adjustment alternative as opposed to other avenues is that this particular treatment rarely causes any forms of discomfort. In essence, patients with muscular or nervous disorders would be guided to recovery without any side effects that are common with other practices. The only downside that one may have to deal with is that of soreness which is to be expected with such forms of treatment.

In addition to restoring the ability of an injured party to participate in physical activity, chiropractic therapy, adjustments and its other constituents may also be used to compliment other forms of pain-relieving or muscle-restoration therapies. Thus, other than the benefits of well-being that one can acquire from chiropractic exercises, its complimentary aspect makes it even more suitable in dealing with all forms of sports injury.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Is Rolfing the New Deep Tissue Massage?

Rolfing is a stem of soft tissue manipulation that seeks to organize and restore the whole body. Rolfing affects the body posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system.

Similar to massage, Rolfing is usually applied or administered by a qualified practitioner, but in a series of 10 or so sessions with the objective of maximizing individual well being and mind.

It's a hands–on body work system that improves structure and coordination, manipulates fascia and also improves energetic movement through the body.

Rolfing, in a way, is like deep tissue massage, but slightly different. Learn more about this powerful form of body work and why it's becoming the new form of massage treatment for individuals in need of more rehabilitative care. 

Intentions of Rolfing

The main purpose of Rolfing is actually to balance and realign your head,chest,shoulders,legs , and pelvis in order to create lasting changes in your body. This technique actually takes a holistic approach to improve the quality of life through your body.

By re-educating your movement patterns and re-aligning your body, you can greatly reduce or completely get rid of chronic pain issues, have more energy and increase flexibility.

Rolfing has given many people a chance to reduce or eliminate dependent on expensive time consuming maintenance programs that don’t deliver positive results. The main intentions of Rolfing are:

1. Improve posture and alignment - You will be able to sit and stand straighter and taller with less effort. You will also breathe easily and feel lighter.

2. Aches and pain - Rolfing will reduce pain and tension in your body. This is because this technique will make your body more balanced and symmetrical.

3. Improves Flexibility - Rolfing will enable you have easier movements and a wider range of motion in the joints. Older people will appreciate a sense of youthfulness as earlier movement pattern will be restored.

4. Performance and well being - You will use less energy for any given movement and also be able to perform movements with ease and greater efficiency.

5. Stress and well being - Rolfing will help relieve paint and also contribute to your overall well being. You will experience psychological growth as the emotional history that is stored in your body gets released. Free and more responsive body will support you better in every aspect of your life.

How Rolfing Relates to Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage mainly focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It works by tackling the stress that can block circulation and cause inflammation, pain and limit movement.

Although Rolfing differs from deep tissue massage, they have some common characteristics. Some of those characteristics include:
  • Both work to realign the body
  • The both help you to relax
  • They both help to relive stress, pain muscle tension and inflammation
  • They both help to improve circulatory and respiratory problems
  • They both improve flexibility
However, unlike deep massage tissue which often focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort, Rolfing is aimed at improving body functioning and alignments. Rolfing is different from deep tissue massage in that practitioner are trained to care for overall ease and balance throughout the body rather than focusing on area with tension.

Furthermore, Rolfing can speed up pain recovery by reducing pain, muscle tension and stiffness. Unlike other forms of massage therapy which is usually a onetime treatment, Rolfing structural integration is usually performed in a series of 10 sessions.

The practitioner begins with your head and works down to the feet. In addition, Rolfing practitioners believe that Rolfing is actually a spiritual process. Many people who have undergone through this process have reported to have experienced emotional catharsis.