Monday, December 15, 2014

Why You Should Choose Organic Toys for Infants?

Every parent wants the best for their infant child and would never knowingly subject them to harmful chemicals. Yet each year thousands of parents are unknowingly doing exactly that, by using non-organic toys.

Most parents trust that any baby toy they buy is safe, because the toy manufacturers tell them so. Ideally, this would be the case, but unfortunately the matter is not that black and white. Non-organic infant toys are often made with materials that contain harmful chemicals.

Knowledge is power, so lets explore the matter further and learn what distinguishes organic from non-organic infant toys.

What Makes A Toy Organic?

Any organic toy for infants worth buying, will have a stamp of certification from an organic certification agency. This is how you can distinguish between the toys that say they are organic or natural (but might not be) and the ones that truly are.

To be truly organic, the raw materials used to make the toy must be grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, hormones, chemical pesticides, herbicides or growth boosters. The manufacturing process must also be free of any artificial/non-organic substances.

First, Do No Harm

Most conventional toys today are not as harmless as they might look. The majority of toys today are made from plastics. Plastic is a completely unnatural, man-made substance that nature has no way of breaking down or re-using. You will never find an organic plastic toy. Plastic toys can leach toxic chemicals that have been proven to disrupt immune function and hormone balance.

Not exactly harmless.

Toy companies often combat concerns by arguing that levels of harmful chemicals in their toys are too low to affect babies. But why take the chance, when your baby is likely putting these toys in their mouth and playing with them for long periods of time. Cumulative effects of close contact with these chemically produced toys are what we are concerned about.

Certified Organic Toys for Infants are Harmless

Organic toys for infants have an unbeatable resume. Lets take a look:

Non-toxic: Organic toys are made from all natural materials that have not been grown or manufactured using harmful chemicals or processes.

Non-allergenic: Organic toys are made from materials that are natural such as wood, cotton, silk and wool that are safe and gentle for an infants sensitive skin.

Eco-friendly: Organic toys are good for the planet. Materials are responsibly grown and sourced using low-impact, sustainable methods.

Organic Toys are Educational 

Most organic toys for infants are created with an educational purpose in mind. The most noticeable difference between conventional and organic toys made in the United States, may be that organic toys look more simple. Don't be fooled.

Simple toys encourage infants to develop their cognitive function and creativity in order to engage in play. Natural organic materials such as wood, cotton and wool will also appeal to infants sense of touch, allowing them to make important textural connections with the world around them.

Conventional toys with flashy gadgets, bells and whistles, can be overwhelming for infants. The beauty and simplicity of natural toys will appeal to babies on a more natural level.

The Simple and Natural Choice

Hopefully by now, you are beginning to understand what makes organic toys for infants far superior to conventional non-organic toys. When empowered with these facts, the choice will be simple. Choosing organic baby toys for your infant will not only do good for the health of your baby, but it will also do good for the planet and reduce your environmental footprint.