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How 3PL Brings Wealth to All Players of the Supply Chain

The inclusion of a top-rated 3PL (third party logistics) company in a manufacturer's supply chain is beneficial to all the players involved, spanning from the manufacturer itself to the retailer displaying the products for sale. Here are some top aspects of 3PL providers that manufacturers, warehouse operators, and end-customers can benefit from in a supply chain.

Inventory Management & Tracking

A top benefit of using 3PL professionals is their ability to scale space, labor and transportation in accordance to inventory needs. Stock management and tracking of items is quite a big challenge for both big and small companies.

For manufacturers, 3PL service providers can help keep records of every item produced by the company, the number that was moved to warehouses and how many were left at the production point. This is very important as it can help you know when to increase or reduce production at your company.

For warehouse operators, 3PL inventory management and tracking can help in getting the right commodity for the right end-customers at the right time and place. This means that warehouse operators who have hired experienced 3PL providers will have the benefit of getting their stock moved in a swift way from the manufacturers to the intended customers.

Third-party logistics companies with proper inventory management and tracking policies can benefit the end-customers by ensuring that only the right items are transported to their doorsteps and within the right time every time they make an order. These experts will also ensure that the quality of items you buy is not compromised in any way by tracking the transportation system.

Production & Packaging of Items

Although effective packaging might seem to be of great benefit to only the warehouse operators, this service offered by 3PL providers is also of great benefit to the manufacturers and end-customers. For manufacturers, effective packaging of the goods will ensure that they are delivered in good condition to the end-consumers.

This will make your clients happy and even want to order more items from your company. The end-customers will benefit from a well-packaged order in many ways. First, they will get their orders in one piece and therefore save time and energy that could have been used in raising complaints about the condition of their packages.

Secondly, they will feel valued by the manufacturer if the goods come in charming packaging. As for warehouse operators, 3PL professionals can help them get the right materials for wrapping the warehouse items within the shortest time possible and using minimum input.

Transportation of Products

Apart from the effective management of storage units, 3PL companies are also usually involved in transportation of items. This can benefit your business by ensuring that all the transport logistics processes are well-taken care of in advance. This will save you from making costly mistakes that can eat into the time needed for the products to reach the end-consumers. With proper 3PL strategies, manufacturers do not need to worry about the paperwork, billing and audits needed for the goods to reach your customers.

This saves you the time needed to carry out a successful supply chain. In fact, the main aim of 3PL service provision is to save time on manufacturer's, warehouse operators and end-customers. Warehouse operators in their part can benefit from effective transportation system provided by third-party logistics companies by moving the items in a swift and trouble-free way inside their warehouses. In most cases, modern technological methods such as the use of remote-controlled conveyor belts to pack items ready for transportation to the end-consumers are used by 3PL contractors.

This makes it easier for warehouse operators to serve more clients within a short time. End-consumers can benefit from transportation networks provided by 3PL providers by receiving their shopping items on time and in good shape.

 Hopefully, these tips will help you realize how important 3PL service providers are in supply chain operations. Ensure that you get a top-notch 3PL company for your business to accomplish its full potential in supply chain management.

5 Tips To Open A Checking Account Mindfully

opening a checking account
There is actually more to opening a checking account than simply having your picture taken for ID and depositing a check or cash into the account. You have to consider various things before opening a checking account with any bank or financial institution. Some useful tips to open a checking account mindfully are as follows.

Compare Banks & Financial Institutions

It is very important not to assume that just because a particular financial institution or bank is a household name in business circles that it will provide the best terms for you. Get information about various banks and financial institutions and make comparisons before making the final decision. This way you will definitely make an informed choice which will definitely suit you needs.

Fees or Free?

Get as much information as you can before signing up. It is becoming more difficult to find a free checking account that doesn’t charge some kind of fees for this and that. Some will charge a monthly maintenance fees, a low minimum balance fee or provide some fee waivers.

Some banks have no overdraft charges, no ATM charges and no monthly fees while others will charge heftily for such services. Therefore it is always important to ask about all the fees pertaining to the account you are opening with whatever institution in order to avoid getting shocked when you notice an unfamiliar fee crop in your statement.

Keep The Opening Amount Low

Never channel every penny you have into your checking account and have that huge opening balance until you are certain that the account fully suits your banking needs. Ensure that you are actually happy with the institution before you begin making huge deposits.

Counter-Check Your Account Information

You definitely don’t want to be charged later or incur an unplanned expense just because the spelling of your name wasn’t right or your Social Security number missed a digit or because some other personal information wasn’t right. Make sure you triple-check everything before signing the papers to open the account. All your personal information should be correct.

Do They Pay Interest? 

Most checking account holders don’t know that they are supposed to receive an interest whenever they deposit money in their accounts. Look for banks that pay interest to account holders who deposit money on a regular basis. Some interest checking accounts with certain banks charge 1% or more for every certain amount of cash deposited. The interest might not be a lot but every single penny would do with the current difficult economic times.

An Online Presence? 

With the current digital age, why should you sign up with a bank that doesn’t have an online presence? You should be able to check your balance and carry out transactions online. Give a wide berth to the institutions that lack any kind of online presence.

A bank without an online presence is definitely not a good sign, how else are you going to know if its customers are satisfied with the services offered. Many online platforms provide useful information to any potential checking account holders.

Local Credit Unions vs. Corporate Banking

You can choose either depending on your needs. Are you a businessman or are you simply opening a personal checking account. That local credit union might sound better depending on your financial needs or that large national bank might be the ideal choice too. Of course depending on what each banking option offers, choose the one best meets your needs. Establish what your needs are first.

ATM Locations

You don’t want to open a checking account with a bank that has few ATM locations. You definitely don’t need to make a journey to the next town to access one. Find a convenient bank with multiple ATM locations because you don’t want to spend more as a result of ATM surcharges. With many ATM locations you will not have to stop at their competitor’s ATM machine when you desperately need that cash.

With the above tips you will definitely open your account mindfully by putting your interests firsts.

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3 Trusted Names for Bank Security Products & Custom System Design

In today's world, ensuring security within banks is crucial for customers and their assets. Fortunately, there are three leading companies at the top of the list who specialize in supplying bank security products and custom security system integration.

At the top of that list are Seico bank security systems, Tyco security products, and Consolidated Banking Services, Inc. (CBSI). While Seico serves mostly the state of Illinois and CBSI mainly Georgia, Tyco International security systems is a global company. Seico has been serving its customers for 42 years and is your complete source for all your security needs. Tyco on the other hand has approximately 37 locations worldwide stemming from Canada to Brazil.

As much as there is a need for these security systems in banks, there is specific demand for strategic systems in place to find out how much security is needed and if that specific system will be fitted for the need of both the customer and bank. Each of these companies offers the capacity to design and implement custom bank security systems based on their clients needs.

Tyco International

Tyco International sells fire ready products like gas masks, gas detection equipment and air respirators. Most of their security systems are wireless like their emergency response. Unlike any other, Tyco has security brands with each brand having their own website.

A few of these are American Dynamics, Bentel, Connect 24 and DSC. All of which master in providing video, camera and alarm systems to many banks across the globe. Tyco uses only the most advanced form of technologies and with continued maintenance long after installation. With Tyco, banks can get fire detection products plus sprinklers and fire suppression equipment.


CBSI was founded in 2001 and since then has sold a list of products to meet the various need of every bank.Some of these include, alarm and audio systems, vision windows, safe deposit boxes and digital recording. They also offer their customers full service on their security systems like safe deposit drillings, Tube systems and Combination changes.

Banks that register with CBSI can be assured regular maintenance and repairs not only on their installed products and systems but on any other as well. Like all other bank security companies, CBSI can be contacted via phone, email, their website and Fax.


Seico offers its customers fire and burglar alarm systems, security cameras, bank security equipment, like surveillance cameras, safes, and vaults for sale. There is also access control to all audio and visual cameras at ATM bank machines. Another good thing is that Seico allows its customers to work with the company to design custom bank security systems to meet their needs.

Seico proudly offers its customers around the clock service with a 24 hour security and fire alarm monitoring system. They also sell carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers and offers a service that is called the loaner equipment which ensures banks get 100 percent systems at all times.

Seico is available every day of the year which means even when banks are closed they are still operating. Seico offers its customers another feature which can track the time and date of an ATM surveillance camera. One good news for customers of banks is that Seico has systems that can be put in place to prevent a stolen card from being used.

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5 On-board Weighing System Applications by Walz Scale

Walz Scale and on-board weighing systems go hand-in-hand for those in the know. But for those who are new to on-board weighing systems, it might not quite be second nature to consider Walz Scale as the industry leader in on-board scales and weighing systems for various types of equipment and vehicles.

What typically sets Walz on-board weighing systems apart from the competition is their excellent technological capabilities, seamless integration, and ease of use. Walz on-board weighing systems and readout instruments are highly-regarded as some of the best and most versatile systems in the industry. Below are just a few of many applications of Walz on-board scales and weighing systems.

On-board Conveyor Belt Scales

On-board conveyor belt scales perform a very integral function in a variety of industrial uses but fundamentally it comes down to having an accurate weight of materials as they move along a rubberized, durable conveyor surface.

These on-board conveyor belt scales and their associated on-board weighing systems offered by Walz offer excellent and useful features such as field installation capability and a completely intuitive user interface.

On-board Wheel Loader Scales

On-board wheel loader scales are another very important use case for on-board weighing scale technology. If the task calls for a wheel loader, then a wheel loader scale is called for due to the fact that materials aren’t free.

Walz On-board wheel loader scales provide superbly simple operations along with special in-motion weighing ability for any onboard scale equipment.

On-board Lift Truck Scales

Fork lifts can significantly benefit from on-bard weighing and Walz is on-point to offer such a solution. Whether the device in question is a hydraulically-powered device or based around a strain-gauge architecture, it can be weighted using a lift truck scale device from Walz.

The ease of use always makes the job go smoothly, but nothing makes the job more bearable than saving an entire step out of the process. Some logistics pathways actually include a separate stage for weighing when forklifts are the centerpiece of their efforts. This should never be the case when Walz on-board weighing systems are in place.

On-board Rail Scales

In high-volume mining and agricultural situations, loaded materials typically end up in a train car at some point. Having on-board weighing system integrated on train cars can enable efficient weighing of each load to know the weight of the contents. Walz has been providing weighing products and services for rail applications, and in many forms

Walz provides on-board scales that can go right into the rail car without needing to actually bring the material cars into a new area. Having a rail scale in place saves time and money.

On-board Haul Truck Scales

With robust and impressive truck scale designs, a Walz haul truck scale system serves a number of valuable weighing functions with little to no maintenance per hour of operation.

Giving the ability to weigh loads during the processes of loading and dumping, the weighing process will definitely go smoother and faster. Weighing should never take the team off the task at hand longer than it need to — Walz is about getting the weighing out of the way.

Jobs or clients seeking optimal long-term use for fiscal feasibility should seek the quality of a Walz device. The variety of applications available for each device are diverse and many; consider the possibilities and the benefits of each. Regardless of how the materials get from their source to their destination, weighing can fit right into the process.

For more information about Walz on-board weighing systems and other leading truck scales for sale, visit

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Effective Strategies to Optimize Surgery Billing Processes

Private healthcare providers know that if they don't get enough cash flowing into the revenue stream, they cannot continue to provide proper care and keep their practices afloat. As much as we’d wish health care to be less about money but more about people getting the help they need, many private healthcare practices need to optimize every avenue to succeed, especially surgeons.
optimize surgery billing

In most cases, clinical and surgery billing information is kept separate, making it hard to integrate the various departments that patients go through. One departments’ inefficiency can affect the integrity of the revenue cycle. Surgeons and related healthcare providers can lose between 3 and 5 percent on their revenue if there are no tight controls.

While there are many services, techniques, and software available to help with surgery billing and revenue cycle management, there are three primary areas that healthcare providers can address and optimize for better financial health.

1. Patient Access

A large portion of a patient’s claim form is generated at the first consultation. This is where as much information that a patient can give is collected, it is also a point where the healthcare provider gets to contact the medical insurance company.

 It is important to have a good software program and a seamless link to the network of insurance companies to obtain approvals for certain procedures and avoid denials of payment later on when the patient has received the treatment and care. It is also important for healthcare providers to have clear guidelines about collecting and validating patient information.

2. Insurance Validation

Issues experienced with insurance verification or pre-authorization in the admission process are caused by failure to wait the prescribed 12 to 24 hour waiting process that is commonly required to get healthcare insurance company claims verified especially in cases of emergency.

It becomes important for facilities to require some kind of up-front cash payment, which payments can claim back from their insurer if the procedure ends up being approved. Patients need to be made aware that they might have to pay upfront upon admission and they would need to be appraised of what they are being billed for if they stay for an extended period in the hospital.

It might sound tedious but it helps the patient and the healthcare provider to keep tabs on the costs of treatment. It always helps to know what insurers normally pay for and what they don’t. There are systems and programs that can be used to automatically notify both the healthcare provider, the healthcare insurer and the patient.

3. Charge Capture

For surgeons and healthcare providers to improve the charge processes they need to test the completeness and accuracy of the charging process. Caregivers can use a method to identify lost charges and finding where the revenue leakage is. There are IT tools that can help identify missed charges effectively and more efficiently. With such tools, surgeons can avoid complications with surgery billing.

4. Surgery Billing & Payment Accuracy

The processes involved in billing, collections and payment management are the key processes for revenue optimization. To maintain a healthy bottom line it is important to identify payment inaccuracies this involves improvements in technological processes that makes timely resolution of billing issues.

The correct tracking methods can help in the monitoring, classification and resolution of payment issues. Surgeons and medical staff who have the tools to identify, understand and quantify the root causes of bad debts are an a better position to avoid and actually see the opportunities that exist more effectively.

As much as we’d like to escape the truth, the fact is healthcare is a business and it is important for healthcare providers to keep their revenue collection strategies in tact. The industry has been known to be unstable when coming to keeping their revenue integrity.

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An Inside Look at Beyond Glory the Film Starring Stephen Lang

Originating as Larry Smith's best selling war chronicle and later a hit play, Beyond Glory the film starring Stephen Lang is starting to show in theaters across the U.S. Beyond Glory is an epic, edge-of-your-seat story that embodies the personae of eight Medal of Honor recipients involved in desperate conflicts of Vietnam, Korea, and WWII.

The Creation of Beyond Glory the Movie

For several years Stephen Lang has been recognized as one of the most acclaimed actors. From showcasing in Broadway shows to appearing on the IMAX screen, Stephen Lang has established an incredible reputation in many performances. From taking the role as Happy Loman in Death of a Salesman to starring as Col. Quaritch in Avatar, Stephen Lang has crafted cunning roles of subtlety, power, and depth.

In the movie Beyond Glory, Stephen Lang reunites with director Larry Brand to portray eight warriors of battle whose memories come to life in the highly-acclaimed play Beyond Glory.

A Brief Look Into Beyond Glory the Film

Indie filmmaker Larry Brand partners with actor Stephen Lang on an emotional and courageous roller coaster through the lives of eight WWII, Korea, and Vietnam warriors. Altering his character with craft, Stephen Lang delves deep into the raw emotion, fortitude, humility, pain, and joy embodying the Medal of Honor recipients with a captivating story to tell.

As director of Beyond Glory, Larry Brand exercises his cinematic skills to illuminate and frame each story in a unique and compelling way. The outcome is a beautiful marriage of two art forms, cinema and theater, each informing and supporting the other. Together Brand and Lang have created an original portrayal in the film version: Beyond Glory.

Acclamations for Beyond Glory the Movie

Stephen Lang, Larry Brand, and indie film production company 8180 Films, have been honor with many acclamations for Beyond Glory the movie. Below are just a few of the more credible testimonials of the film Beyond Glory.

"Beyond Glory allows the voices of servicemen to be heard without the filter of the conventions of drama or the prerogatives of deadline-driven journalism. Its sobriety, simplicity and lack of histrionics are the show’s signal strengths." - Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"An unsparingly direct portrait of men at war, pushed into narrow corners and faced with hard choices. One of the richest, most complex pieces of acting I've seen in my theater-going life." - Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

"A stunning tour de force performance. Stephen Lang leads us on a journey through WWII, Korea and Vietnam, taking us to a realm beyond." -

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3 Ways to Become a Better Triathlete

better triathlete training focusTriathlon requires discipline, time, and effort for one to become a age group competitor and a Kona contender. In addition to mental coaching in triathlon, triathletes have to train for many hours to ensure their bodies are well conditioned to compete.

While competitive triathlon training requires a high level of investment (both time and energy,) the following suggestions might help you further succeed as a better triathlete.

1. Spend more time focusing on recovery

Recovering allows the body to be at it best performance. Ensuring you have enough rest days between your training activities is important for conditioning your body for optional triathlon training the next time around.
massage for triathlon training

When you are involved in heavy triathlon training, you are likely to suffer from some sort of exhausted muscle tissue quality. This, when not worked-on, can result in the accumulation of scar tissue, adhesion, and knots. Soft tissue work improves the tissue quality by concentrating on the "trigger points". This way, your performance as a better triathlete is optimized.

Stretching should also be incorporated in the recovery as it increases muscle tone, resilience and strength. After a lot of muscular efforts, stretching decompresses your joints and back hence accelerating recovery of muscles, joints, and tendons.

Finally, a balanced meal with all the nutrients required for recovery ensures a proper and speedy recovery. The right nutrition refuels your muscles, manufactures new muscle protein, boasts the efforts of the immune system in recovering from the challenging exercises, and replaces the fluid lost. All these activities restore the body to its prime condition.

2. Work with a triathlon coach

triathlon coachingOne of the major benefits of triathlon coaching is getting feedback, direction, and actionable insight on aspects of technical training as well as programing. While trained triathletes are well versed with these techniques and can even prepare their own training plans, there is still great value in hiring a triathlon coach.

A triathlon coach acts as a person who is removed from the training and competition's emotional attachment, and thus can better effectively manage the structure, intensity, and purpose of your training program to prevent over-fatigue and overtraining. A triathlon coach can be objective in how you manage your rest days and hard workout. In most cases, triathlon coaches will be handy in giving you a second opinion when you doubt yourself.

Most of the top triathlon training coaches also offer personalized structured training programs instead of the standard training outline. Through matching computerized data with your performance, the coach has the ability to determine your current abilities and your future targets. The structured training targets your weaknesses with the full information of the manner in which you respond to different stresses. Further, the coach is important in providing race day tactics through a study of your opponents and your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Never stop learning

New techniques in triathlon training, programing, and skills and strength/injury prevention. Sports scientists have been carrying out research in the bid to improve the manner in which athletes train. Over time, structured triathlon programing has evolved and changes made to the manner in which the athletes train.

While it is the duty of the coaches to ensure that their athletes are updated on the new techniques that have been tried and tested, it would not hurt if an athlete found something the coach may have missed. In most cases, athletes only discover these new techniques when their counterparts defeat them in competition. A successful triathlete must therefore keep reading to remain ahead of competitors and supplement what the coach knows.

5 Online Dealers for Bush Hog OEM Parts

Reliability is one of the factors to consider in a supplier when you want to buy Bush Hog parts online. When buying from a local dealer, it is easy. Buying online, however, can be tricky.

There are indeed trusted dealers for Bush Hog OEM parts - just as long as you look at the right places. The benefit of buying online is that you get those hard-to-find parts. Below are five reputable online suppliers of Bush Hog parts on the web.

TopLine Equipment

TopLine Equipment is an Alabama based dealer of many different Bush Hog parts. The supplier has been in operation for the last 40 years, 15 of which they have been selling and servicing equipment. The benefit of buying from TopLine Equipment is that they offer free expert advice on Bush Hog servicing and also diagnose tractor problems over the phone.

TopLine can help you find the part that will perfectly match your needs. They are keen to bring new product lines that offer durability to the customers. You can buy online at and enjoy their special prices. They offer financing for large equipment and new and used Bush Hog parts. You can contact them at (205) 926-9606.

German-Bliss Equipment

There is no supplier in Central Illinois and the whole state of Illinois with a wider collection of Bush Hog OEM parts at German Bliss. The Bush Hog parts supplier is anchored in bringing into the online market every part that customers may need including all-purpose plow parts, backhoe parts, combines, edible and peanut bean parts, harrows, end loader parts, rakers, pluggers, pulverizers, and all mower parts among others.

You can easily search for the model number of the part you need. Their shipping services are fast. You can place an order at German Bliss' online parts store or contact their customer support at (800) 724-4734. They have offices in East Peoria, Princeville and Springfield and they finance buyers.

Singleton Sales

Singleton Sales are known for two main reasons; their great financing offers and their wide collection of Bush Hog parts. The LA based company has grown over time to offer great services and to widen their market. Their return policy favors the buyers. They sell new as well as used equipment. Their online site is You can reach them through 985-839-5844.


Messicks has OEM replacement parts, both new and used, for all Bush Hog models. The beauty of shopping at is that all the products you order will be delivered within 1 day. Shopping with them is a cinch, all you do is enter the part number and you are ready to add the part to cart.

Their customer support is awesome; you get instant support by contacting the Pennsylvania based company any day from Monday to Saturday during their business hours. To serve their customers even better, they have five business branches; in Elizabethtown, Abbottstown, Halifax, Carlisle and Biglerville, PA. This ensures that after ordering Bush Hog parts online, you get them delivered fast. You can contact them through parts hotline 877-260-3528.

Georgia Equipment Company

Georgia Equipment has got you covered from bearings to blades. They have all Bush Hog parts that you need for repairs. Their competitive prices and their quality parts have made them popular among Americans. They bring to you hard-to-find items that may not be in your local stores. Their customer service is convenient. Their official site is The fact that they have been in business for more than a decade, enables them offer professional advice on Bush Hog parts. The company gives special offers to customers. You can reach them through (478) 237-5848.

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Chiropractic Evolved: A Comprehensive Approach to Postural Correction

Today, there are more and more chiropractic offices employing the use of new postural correction techniques. Disc decompression therapies, physical therapy, laser treatment for tissue regeneration, deep tissue massage, and other modalities are being employed in a more comprehensive approach to chiropractic care.

With this said, (like chiropractors) no two individuals are the same. Treatment of postural abnormalities will vary depending on the patient and the chiropractor providing the care. These are a few more advanced options when it comes to postural correction. Working with the right chiropractor can help you in regaining mobility and eliminating pain through some, if not all, of these approaches.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapies are used to treat lower back and neck pain, it is also a method used to treat bulging discs in the back. The non-surgical therapy technique cycles distraction and compression to the areas where pain is present, allowing chiropractors to focus on a particular disc. The "vacuum" effect this method employs within each disc stimulates growth of blood supply around the disc, and helps in the healing process.

Physical Therapies

Physical therapy is a common method used for pain management and to help regain mobility today as well. Many chiropractors employ this method when patients come in after suffering from an accident.

A car accident, a sports related injury, or other types of accidents, allow chiropractors to target a specific area. During therapy, they focus on rebuilding muscle, tissue, and helping the patient regain mobility over time. Depending on the injury, the exercises and types of therapies done will vary for each patient.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used to help stimulate living tissues, in an effort to help patients regain mobility in areas where the tissues aren't properly being used. Pain reduction via nerve regeneration is one benefit of this treatment option. Muscle soreness can be decreased with targeted laser sessions, edema reduction is also a benefit of using this technology in treating certain patients.

For bulging discs, lower back pain, neck pain, or other injuries, laser treatment is a newer technology which more chiropractic offices are employing into the arsenal of treatment methods for patients today. A good example is in the health-progressive Bay Area of California where Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic is one of the first chiropractors to adopt the laser therapy for his patients. He has not only seen significant results from the laser, but has earned the interest of many people seeking this therapy specifically to help them health and recovery from injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage & ART

Soft tissue massage is a way to help increase blood flow, help increase mobility, and to help in pain treatment and management for many patients. The Graston Technique is a method used by many chiropractors. It is a manual therapy, using an instrument assisted mobilization device, defined to target and detect areas of limited mobility.

Similar to deep tissues massage is Active Release Technique, or ART. This is specialized form of massage, or myofascial release, combined with targeted movement to encourage the release to tight muscles. Some chiropractors in turn use massage techniques and ART, such as, to help target areas of limited mobility, help relieve tension, and help patients regain mobility and eliminate pain.

Regardless of which chiropractor or chiropractic office you visit, in order to ensure the best postural correction and eliminate pain, patients should visit offices which employ a series of different treatment techniques. There is no single method which will work for every individual patient.

For this reason, chiropractic offices should employ a variety of treatment methods and specialties. Doing so not only allows chiropractic professionals to target specific areas of pain, but also help improve mobility, and help patients get back on their feet in less time following an injury or accident they were involved in.

For more information on postural correction, visit:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362

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5 U.S. Cities to Find Top Plastic Surgeons for Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is fast gaining in popularity and demand all over the world, and breast augmentation surgery is becoming one of the most popular options embraced by women. This is a type of plastic surgery is aimed at improving the natural appearance and breast size of a woman by using implants and other surgical means.

Women often pursue breast augmentation surgery to rectify a physical anomaly or to seek what they perceive as greater beauty and self-worth. There is an endless list of cosmetic procedures ranging from work done on the face and hair to work done on skin and thighs, but among the most popular procedures is breast augmentation. As a result, many individuals are on the look out for the top plastic surgeons for breast augmentation. And they're willing travel to consult with surgeons who fit their bill.

So in this article, we've researched and outlined the most popular U.S. cities where women can find the top plastic surgeons for breast augmentation surgery, even if that means traveling across the country.

1. Los Angeles, California

The city of Los Angeles, CA is known for its progressive cultures and cosmetic draw. Its people are not left behind in the desire to embrace breast augmentation surgery procedures. The city is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the country, and world as a whole. The presence of breast augmentation surgeons is also encouraged by the booming showbiz industry rooted in their very backyard, Hollywood. This ensures they have a large clientele adding to their work experience and thus prowess.

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

A survey done in 2011 places Salt Lake City as the number one city in The United States of America with women who express a desire to get breast augmentation. The popularity of this procedure in the city has prompted many renowned plastic surgeons to make roots there. Their work is reputable and receives great reviews from people who have gone under the knife for breast augmentation.

3. San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to quite the number of plastic surgeons specializing in breast augmentation. There are more than thirty board certified plastic surgeons practicing breast augmentation in the Bay Area. Most of them are well versed with a wide variety of breast augmentation procedures.

Some of the top plastic surgeons for Bay Area breast augmentation have received outstanding reviews and boast a high patient success rate. The San Francisco peninsula is one of the most popular parts of the Bay Area for plastic surgeons who are excellent in performing breast augmentation procedures. The competition also favors the clients financially as most surgeons offer discount alongside assurances of great results.

4. New York City, New York 

New York City hosts some of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons in the country. Naturally, a good number of them specialize in breast augmentation. Being in a developed city like New York gives surgeons access to the best and most cutting edge equipment for breast augmentation procedures. This lends it a spot on this list of cities with best plastic surgeons for breast augmentation.

5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City also made it to the list of cities where breast augmentation is popular according to the 2011 survey. What makes it popular in addition to peoples own beliefs and needs is the fact that clients have great plastic surgeons handling their cases. The city is home to some of the best breast augmentation plastic surgeons in the world. One of them, Dr. Tim Love, was once voted the best plastic surgeon in the country.

The five cities above have some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Their work in breast augmentation procedures is near perfect and almost always receives praise from clients. The surgeons have managed to keep up to date with medical innovations to ensure that they offer the very best breast augmentation services to their clients..

Actionable FQHC Billing Resources Worth Bookmarking

If you have stumbled upon this article, then you're probably well aware that quality, relevant, and actionable FQHC billing resources are few and far between. In fact, such medical billing resources for FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) are quite new and emerging to the medical billing and coding community throughout the U.S.

For this reason, we have researched some of the best resources available to help FQHCs improve their medical billing processes. If you operate a FQHC or similar community medical practice or health center, then you may want to bookmark some of these great FQHC billing and coding resources for later reference.

Custom FQHC Billing Consulting Services from Practice Management

Practice Management is perhaps one of the most reputable and leading medical billing firms that specializes in FQHC billing solutions. In addition to providing comprehensive medical billing and coding services for FQHCs, Practice Management also offers individualized, custom-tailored consulting programs that focus on the in's and out's of FQHC medical billing. The company boasts an impressive display of resources and systems that can be easily integrated into any FQHC billing process. To learn more, visit, or visit the firm's FQHC billing services and solutions page by clicking here

The Complete FQHC Billing Guide by iFinance

The FQHC Billing Guide by iFanance provides an accurate account of the procedures for medical coding and billing, as well as information regarding collection of payments, past due payments, and how to handle denials and returned claims. It is pleasantly presented in pdf format for easy printing or searching the document on the computer.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ( on FQHC Billing

This FQHC billing resource provides an accurate breakdown of the dates and payment systems that have been predetermined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. You can use this link to provide a well-researched outline of how to implement your training to meet deadlines for the transition between ICD-9 and ICD-10 CM. They also provide a wealth of links and PDFs that will be handy when you are various manuals that will help you along the way. To learn more, visit

FQHC Billing and Coverage from

This PDF provides a wealth of information regarding the various changes to codes you can expect from an ICD-10 program. You can easily reference this PowerPoint at any time during your training and it will be a great resource medical coding and billing specialists when studying for the change between systems.

Learn more and delve into this valuable FQHC billing resources by clicking here.

FQHC Billing IT Toolbox from

This resource offers a variety of free resources that will be helpful in making the upcoming billing and coding transition, as well as the various methods of processing claims for various office situations. It helps to serve hospital, doctor’s office and clinic staff in making the transition. To checkout the medical billing IT toolkit, click here.

FQHC Billing Training by Synergy Billing Academy

FQHC Billing and Training by Synergy Billing Academy provides in-depth training in the transition between ICD-9-CM Coding and ICD-10-CM Coding. This training is extremely beneficial and affordable for almost any medical office setting. The change between ICD-9 and ICD-10 are dramatic and can if training is overlooked it can easily cause offices extreme financial distress when the transition is complete. It is important to ensure that all medical coding and billing staff is well versed in ICD-10 procedures before it is implemented.

Why Invest in FQHC Billing Resources

There are many reasons to ensure that these resources are part of your training procedures when it comes to ICD-10. They are extremely effective in preparing the staff for the necessary transitions as well as providing the training necessary to ensure that the deadlines are met for the upcoming transition in medical coding and billing programs.

The transition to ICD-10 is going to be a drastic change for all personnel, and insurance regulations will be changing right along with it. In order to ensure that a medical office is not financially vulnerable, you must ensure that your staff is ready for the change and the best method of doing so is to ensure that they are provided with the proper information.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 3 Online Virus Removers on the Web

With the many online computer service companies that work to protect your PC's, Macbooks, and laptops from malware, spyware, and virus attacks, choosing the best service will be important in keeping your information secure and device working optimally. The following are the three companies that you should consider when you need online virus removal services.

1. Nerds on Call

Also a local computer repair company with locations throughout Illinois, Nerds on Call works to ensure that your computer hardware and software operates in optimal working condition. They fix computer hardware and software problems, and also offer one of the leading remote virus removal services on the web.

The online virus removal technicians at Nerds on Call work with you to discover any cause of a malfunction in your computer and solve it. In addition, the company helps you to secure your internet connection and home from prying eyes. They easily set up a firewall to protect you and your data. Furthermore, they do the work over the internet.

2. VirusTotal

VirusTotal provides online virus removal software to scan files, URLS, anti-virus engines and emails. They provide software which you can use from a desktop to scan an ongoing process. Virus Total has over 40 different antivirus engines which scan any file sent to VirusTotal. This means that the site uses several perspectives to determine whether a file is malicious.

  • The company’s antivirus engines can scan any type of file provided it does not exceed 128 MB.
  • You can choose to input a URL. The service tools can scan a full webpage.
  • You can also choose to upload more than one file with use of the desktop version to their site for scanning.
  • Their systems works as an extension for chrome, Firefox and internet explorer.
  • The company’s programs can scan any email attachment.
  • They also have services for android devices although it requires an app.
  • It have features to enable you search any past scan result.

  • You can not use their services for commercial purposes.
  • Their web interface can only scan one file at a time.
  • Their web interface has a more priority than the email attachment scanner.
  • Those files sent using a desktop program or email should not exceed 32 MB.
To learn more about their remote virus removal provisions, visit the official website of VirusTotal.

3. F-Secure

F-Secure is another online virus scanner service among the best. It is fast, streamlined and effective. The company’s systems have more integrated security features. Their program protects your information against spyware, viruses, Trojans and worms. It can also effectively locate and remove rootkits. Further, it is efficient in preventing the spread of viruses through cookies, emails and malware that try to penetrate through the PC registry.

F-Secure is among the leaders when it comes to performance according to Av-Test. The program is also among the products that have won the A+ rating from AV comparatives. F-secure program software provides a scanning process that is straight forward. The installer will automatically remove any antivirus software you may have pre-installed to prevent interference. The program is resource conscious and will protect your system without interfering with any of your resources. You can set the software to clean all the malicious files and place them in the quarantine until you decide to restore them.

F-secure virus removal solutions are beneficial in many ways. They will protect your MACS and PCs from spywares, viruses and any other type of malware. Their program also updates itself automatically and never slows your system.

Friday, May 8, 2015

5 Patient Billing Tips to Improve Your Medical Practice's Cash Flow

When it comes to improving your medical practice’s cash flow, there are plenty of vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. For a medical practice to be financially successful, it is crucial to implement sound medical billing and collection procedures.

Whether you're embracing the complexities of pediatric billing or dialing in your health center billing strategy, the following tips will certainly help reduce your receivables, thereby saving you time and making your job easier. Here are some unique patient/medical billing tips to help improve your practice's cash flow.

Be Informative Regarding Payment Policies

It’s important to let the patients know about the new payment policy, so that they are aware of what to expect before the first appointment. Considering the fact that medical offices are busy places, this can’t always be followed on consistent basis, but it should be strived for. Also, owing to the complexities of insurance plans, patients may not be aware of the deductibles and co-payments and they tend to assign this responsibility to the practice.

The practice will likely make the best effort to identify the benefits, but patients should understand that they are eventually responsible for any balance that is not paid by the insurance company. So any good medical billing practice, this should be made clear to the patient both verbally and in writing.

Acquire Sufficient Patient Information from the Start

Getting complete demographic and insurance information is crucial for improving the efficiency of medical billing and collection procedures. It is the duty of the receptionist to ensure that new patient demographic forms are complete in all respects.

As patients tend to be rushed, they often leave out critical information. By checking forms for completeness relieves you from having to make calls to the patient later on. This is perhaps one of the most often overlooked medical billing tips that's very easy to implement effectively.

Get Patients' SSN

Another patient billing tip is to make sure to obtain the patient’s social security number. Patients are often reluctant in giving out their social security number for security reasons. But, you need to educate the patient that a number of insurance companies still utilize SSN as a way of identification.

You should also explain to the patient that a social security number will speed up the processing of the claim. Moreover, it is easier to go after an unpaid patient when you have their social security number. We give credit to FQHC billing company - Practice Management for that tip, as they offer a wealth of expertise and professional insight on all things medical billing, spanning from OB/GYN billing to pediatric billing.

Assess Patients' Eligibility & Benefits

Always ensure to check your patient's eligibility and benefits. There is medical billing software that offers insurance eligibility verification. While this technology may not be ideal, it can save you considerable amount of time. You can use insurance company websites that are available to check eligibility and benefits. It is easier said than done in a busy practice, but you need to do it selectively.

Establish Patient Agreements

Get patients to sign an agreement that allows you to leave voice messages at the phone number concerning account billing matters. If there is no such agreement in place, the staff is not legally permitted to leave specific billing and collection information on a voice mail. If the account of a patient is overdue, you have a better chance of collecting your fees if you are able to leave a message requiring immediate payment, or the account will be turned over to the collection agency.

With that being said, implementing these procedures will help you reduce your collections volume and improve your practice's cash flow. The idea is to save time and money, which will eventually improve your overall billing and collection practices. As an alternative to optimizing your practices internal billing processes, you can also recruit the help of medical billing agencies to provide their resources and expertise.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Surveillance Camera System for Home: Tips to Shop Smart

It has never been easier to protect your personal possessions, home, and business, but thanks to ever-increasing options for video surveillance systems. Most people have now opted to install these systems on their homes or business premises purposely to prevent theft in and around their properties and also to monitor the movement of employees within the premise.

Having the right surveillance camera system in your home or business premise can help you achieve a lot, especially when it comes to matters of security.

However, choosing the best one can sometimes be a challenging and difficult process for most home or business owners. In fact, there are certain things you must put into proper consideration to ensure that you end up buying the right surveillance cameras that meet your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Low Light vs. Bright Light

The overall amount of light in the environment you are intending to install your surveillance camera system will determine your camera choice. For instance, if you are planning to have your video surveillance taking place in a bright, well-lit area, your choice of cameras will have very few limitations. This is because the ample light makes clearer and easy for any surveillance camera to capture high quality footage.

While on the other hand, very dim lighting conditions will require some considerations since not all video surveillance cameras are built to operate in dark places. Consider this factor when choosing a security camera that will be more effective in the areas you are planning to install them.

2. Wired vs. Wireless

Surveillance camera systems can either be wired or wireless. Depending on your needs and preference, it is important to consider this factor as well. Typically, wired security cameras send a solid and highly secure video signals because they easily transmit signals through cable. But they require a bigger budget to buy and install them compared to wireless ones.

When it comes to wireless security cameras and surveillance monitoring products, you only need to place them virtually anywhere with less effort because you don’t need to install cables. Your budget will also determine whether you need wireless or wired surveillance camera systems.

3. Indoor vs. Outdoor

Outdoor and indoor environments differ in terms of weather and lighting conditions. For example, outdoor comes with very harsh conditions than indoors. Basically indoor and outdoor are two different environments that require different types of security cameras with unique features designed for each environment.

Also keep in mind that while indoor surveillance camera system cannot withstand external weather conditions, outdoor ones can also be used for indoor surveillance.

4. Fixed vs. PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Surveillance Cameras

Your intentions for buying a home security system determines whether you need fixed or PTZ type of surveillance cameras. If you only want to focus on certain sections of the home, parking or entrance, then the best choice is a standard-format fixed security camera. For wide area coverage, consider PTZ security cameras as they are able to zoom to cover a wider area.

Conclusively, with all these factors put into proper consideration before buying just any type of surveillance camera system, choosing the best that meets your needs and preference will no longer be a daunting task; rather an interesting experience. Visit to get helping finding the perfect home surveillance system to meet your unique needs.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 Holistic Health Modalities for Healing & Rehabilitation

Today, there are a number of people seeking holistic health treatments, either as an alternative or supplement to conventional medicine. Unlike conventional medicine, which typically targets a particular part of the body for a particular ailment, holistic medicine focuses on the health of the entire person including the body, the mind, and the emotions.

In addition, holistic medicine places special emphasis on the relationship between the healer and patient. Three holistic health modalities that are widespread in today are acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. This article provides a basic overview of each and discusses the potential each has for faster healing and rehabilitation.


Practiced in China and other East Asian countries for centuries, acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into certain parts of the body to promote the healthy flow of energy in the body. The practice of acupuncture is rooted in the idea there is a natural energy called chi that flows around the body in pathways called meridians.

Many physical and even mental ailments are believed to the result of something blocking or unbalancing the flow of chi, and the goal of the acupuncturist restore the natural circulation of chi to their pathways in the meridians. Needles are used to do this as well as heat, pressure and laser light.

In the West, acupuncture is used for a variety of purposes. For instance, it has provided relief from nausea and vomiting following chemotherapy treatment as well as relieved from dental pain following surgical procedures. Acupuncture has also been used to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue and is considered a general therapeutic treatment for a variety of ailments including headaches, menstrual cramps and lower back pains.

Massage Therapy 

Like acupuncture, massage therapy is form of holistic medicine that has been practice for centuries. It involves the pressing, rubbing, and vibrating of various parts of the body, particularly the muscles and soft tissues. Some people receive a massage for general relaxation and stress control, while others do so to relieve symptoms of a specific condition such as a sports injury.

Massage therapy has been effective for treating a number of conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, other kinds of physical pain, even anxiety and depression. Why massage therapy relieves pain and other symptoms for so many people is not entirely known, but one theory is that the stimulation provided by a massage blocks pain signals that are sent to the brain.

Chiropractic Care

Modern chiropractic medicine dates back to 1895, when a grocer named Daniel David Palmer performed his first adjustment. The treatment consists of the alignment of parts of the skeleton system, most commonly the spine, in order to promote normal nervous system functioning. A typical visit to a chiropractor consists of a diagnostic imaging to see what area of the body might benefit from treatment and then one or more sudden and controlled manual adjustments.

Chiropractic is care universally recognized for treating lower back pain and is also effective for treating neck pain and headaches. It can also be helpful for treating muscle spasms and leg pain. The procedure usually involves multiple visits over the course of several months in order fully treat the condition.

Holistic health treatment, or holistic medicine, is not only holistic in terms of the way they treat the individual. Such treatment is also holistic in the way they are often used in conjunction with each other, as using more than one of them can increase effectiveness. However, before starting one or more of the holistic medicine treatments, a person should consult with the professionals in the holistic medicine fields to ensure that the care is right for them.

Medical Billing Agency Now Offers Specialized Services for Cardiologists

Practice Management is pleased to announce that it now offers specialized cardiology billing services for cardiologists and related medical professionals. Finally, a medical billing service that specifically-tailored to the complex billing challenges of cardiologists and cardiology centers alike.

From the east coast to the west coast, cardiologists can now take advantage of an easy to use billing solution that keeps an accurate account of patient billings in a way that makes it easy for both the client and the provider to keep better organized. With the help of Practice Management, cardiologists will be able to rest assured that their medical billing is being submitted and saved properly in a way that is law abiding under Federal, State and Local government rules and regulations.

Technology-Driven Cardiology Billing Solutions

Put the Practice Management group of cardiology billing specialists together with the best technology available and you have a cardiology billing service that is leading the charge as the best way to keep tabs on medical procedures and helping patients receive proper reimbursement on claims that are submitted. Practice Management is the new wave of medical building and creating a new way that cardiologists do business. They among the few companies capable of bringing you unprecedented results for all of your medical billing needs.

With electronic access to billing through data transmission, web portal access, telephone and video conferencing, Practice Management is able to not only communicate but provide constant contact with you and your operation throughout the process. Being able to access your office’s data allows us to provide you with billing information all while you continue with bringing your customers the absolute best treatment available. In short, Practice Management strives to help you so can you help them. The goal of the company is to help you be a better physician and focus less on the paper work that goes on with cardiology billing.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Expertise

For Practice Management, the company's goal is to provide a wide range of physicians with a variety of medical billing solutions for a wide variety of practices. Along with that, experts of the company help practices be more efficient and work more with their patients and less on paperwork. They have a great deal of expertise giving our billing services to a wide scope of health and medical practices, including: allergy based practices, cardiology based practices, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery practices, CHC practices, dermatology practices, DME practices, electrophysiology practices, ENT practices, family practices, FQHCs, gastroenterology practices, geriatric practices, health center practices, hospitalist practices, internal medicine practices, nephrology practices, neurology practices, neurosurgery practices, OBGYN practices, orthopedic practices, pain management practices, pediatric practices, podiatry practices, primary care practices, sleep study practices, surgery practices, urology practices, vascular surgery practices, and more.

The goal of Practice Management is to continue to expand into even more medical practices. The company knows that with proper technology, their team of specialists can help develop a better way to keep track of medical bills and keep physicians with their patients and not worrying about paperwork and billing. With the medical billing technology of Practice Management, the company believes it can make an impact in both the lives of medical experts and doctors as well as the people that they serve on a daily basis in their respective places of business.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wooden Play Kitchens: One of the Best Toys for Kids

There are several advantages to quality, hand-crafted wooden play kitchens, over other alternatives made from plastic manufactured materials. Here are just a few reasons why wooden play kitchens are one of the best options for wooden toys for kids.

Why Wooden Play Kitchens Are a Win

Wood is timeless and beautiful. Wooden toys have been around for decades and even in this technological age, they are still preferred over fancy plastic toys. Wooden toys are heirlooms that are built to last and can be passed on through generations.

Wooden toys for kids just feel better. Children respond to the sensorial pleasures of natural materials. The natural look and feel of wood on childrens little fingers will delight them much more than plastic or metal. There is a primal human connection with the touch and feel of natural wood.

Also, modern wooden toys for kids, like wooden play kitchens, are better for the environment. Assuming that the wood is sustainably harvested, it has far less negative impact on the environment when compared to plastic and man made materials.

Wooden Play Kitchens Ignite the Imagination

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to finding the best wooden play kitchens. It may seem like just a toy to the untrained observer, but paired with a child’s rampant imagination, it becomes much more than a toy. This is just as true for little boys as it is for little girls.

Place a wooden play kitchen in your home with the addition of some dishes, pots and pans and you will soon witness your child’s imagination ignite. Watch as your little boy cooks up a storm and serves the family pets his delicious imaginary creations! Playing pretend in the play kitchen is such a source of joy for kids, it rarely loses its draw.

Wooden Play Kitchens to the Rescue!

Imaginative play inspired by wooden play kitchens has benefits for both boys and girls. Play kitchens can increase social and cognitive function in children by allowing children to practice skills like organization, responsibility, sharing and communication. It can also prepare them for cooking alongside mom or dad in the big kitchen and eventually cooking for themselves when they get older.

Interesting shopping for wooden play kitchens? If so, then head on over to where they offer one the best selections of wooden play kitchens. They are one of the leading online stores for natural toys for boys and girls of all ages.