Thursday, December 3, 2015

3 Trusted Names for Bank Security Products & Custom System Design

In today's world, ensuring security within banks is crucial for customers and their assets. Fortunately, there are three leading companies at the top of the list who specialize in supplying bank security products and custom security system integration.

At the top of that list are Seico bank security systems, Tyco security products, and Consolidated Banking Services, Inc. (CBSI). While Seico serves mostly the state of Illinois and CBSI mainly Georgia, Tyco International security systems is a global company. Seico has been serving its customers for 42 years and is your complete source for all your security needs. Tyco on the other hand has approximately 37 locations worldwide stemming from Canada to Brazil.

As much as there is a need for these security systems in banks, there is specific demand for strategic systems in place to find out how much security is needed and if that specific system will be fitted for the need of both the customer and bank. Each of these companies offers the capacity to design and implement custom bank security systems based on their clients needs.

Tyco International

Tyco International sells fire ready products like gas masks, gas detection equipment and air respirators. Most of their security systems are wireless like their emergency response. Unlike any other, Tyco has security brands with each brand having their own website.

A few of these are American Dynamics, Bentel, Connect 24 and DSC. All of which master in providing video, camera and alarm systems to many banks across the globe. Tyco uses only the most advanced form of technologies and with continued maintenance long after installation. With Tyco, banks can get fire detection products plus sprinklers and fire suppression equipment.


CBSI was founded in 2001 and since then has sold a list of products to meet the various need of every bank.Some of these include, alarm and audio systems, vision windows, safe deposit boxes and digital recording. They also offer their customers full service on their security systems like safe deposit drillings, Tube systems and Combination changes.

Banks that register with CBSI can be assured regular maintenance and repairs not only on their installed products and systems but on any other as well. Like all other bank security companies, CBSI can be contacted via phone, email, their website and Fax.


Seico offers its customers fire and burglar alarm systems, security cameras, bank security equipment, like surveillance cameras, safes, and vaults for sale. There is also access control to all audio and visual cameras at ATM bank machines. Another good thing is that Seico allows its customers to work with the company to design custom bank security systems to meet their needs.

Seico proudly offers its customers around the clock service with a 24 hour security and fire alarm monitoring system. They also sell carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers and offers a service that is called the loaner equipment which ensures banks get 100 percent systems at all times.

Seico is available every day of the year which means even when banks are closed they are still operating. Seico offers its customers another feature which can track the time and date of an ATM surveillance camera. One good news for customers of banks is that Seico has systems that can be put in place to prevent a stolen card from being used.


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