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Seeking the Top Hair Salon in Peoria, IL? 

There are many different "hair salons" in Peoria, IL, ranging from simple parlors to elaborate day spas. However, nothing compares to the ambiance and level of services offered at the Peoria, IL hair salon known as Five Senses Spa and Salon.

For those men and women who would love to get a refreshing and rejuvenating spa experience, Five Senses Spa and Salon is the place to visit. True to its name, the spa and hair salon in Peoria, IL has catered to appeal its regular clients as well as its visitors. Five Senses Spa and Salon services are top-notch and clients will always find the experience unique and specialized to suit their individual needs.

Check out Five Senses' hair salon services or continue reading to learn more. 

Not You Average Peoria Hair Salon

One of the things which make the Five Senses Spa and Salon unique is their hair styling. The spa and salon in Peoria, IL has hair stylists who are trained in providing the best hair options for their clients. These hair options and packages are always based on the individual experience of each and every client.

When it comes to a client's hair, the experts offer varied services, for instance, one can get consultation services. Apart from hair consultation, clients can also benefit from complimentary services such as neck, scalp and shoulder treatment. Five Senses also allows clients to donate their hair if they want to.

Other Spa & Salon Services Available

In addition to its recognition as one of the top day spas and hair salons in Peoria, IL, Five Senses Spa and Salon boasts a wide range of beauty and health services.

Make-up application is one of the services which almost all salons offer. However, Five Senses Spa and Salon offers make-up services that are like no other. Apart from doing make-up for their client's daily and special occasions, the experts also provide make-up lessons for those who wish to learn how to do their own make-up.

Normally, clients undergo a quick skin test which helps the expert make-up artists know which skin type they are working with. This ensures that the client not only gets his or her makeup done professionally but that they avoid using products that might be inappropriate for their skin type.

Massage is another spa treatment which Five Senses Spa and Salon is known for. It is obvious that massage therapy has health benefits for anyone who undergoes the treatment. However, there are other external factors which need consideration for one to enjoy the experience. Massages in Five Senses Spa and Salon are performed by professionals who are trained in the various kinds of massage.

The atmosphere in which clients get their massage is an additional factor to consider when looking for a place to unwind. Five Senses Spa and Salon offers their clients exactly the perfect spot for this.

Apart from hair salon styling, make-up services and massages, Five Senses Spa and Salon is also the place to visit for your regular full-body treatment. Among their packages is waxing. When one thinks of waxing, privacy and professionalism come into mind.

Five Senses Spa and Salon offers the ultimate experience when it comes to pampering their visitors. Other services that are included in this package include, nail polishing, body scrubs and facials. The good thing about visiting Five Senses Spa and Salon is that they have a little something for everyone of their clients.

Contact Five Senses Spa and Salon in Peoria, IL

You can visit or contact Five Senses Spa and Salon at:
Five Senses Spa and Salon
7719 N Grand Prairie Dr
Peoria, IL 61615
(309) 693-7719


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