Friday, July 1, 2016

Top 3 Postage Meter Machines for Your Small Business

Having a reliable postage meter will be able to provide plenty of benefits for small businesses. The most valuable benefit it has is ensuring that the correct amount of postage is used. This means that each time you require it to create a specific amount of postage, you will have always have guaranteed results. It works by deducting the postage value against the the total amount of credit inputted on the machine.

Neopost IN-360 Postage Meter
Shown here is the Neopost IN-360 postage meter.
Postage meter machines are able to handle both domestic and international express and priority mail. It can also handle first class mail. A high quality yet affordable postage meter is a great help for small businesses. Since they are equipped with built-in scales which correctly measures the weight of each mail, you'll always be charged accurately.

With mail meter machines You'll also have the benefit of having discounted postage rates using USPS. Administrative costs, mail processing time and fuel use will be reduced. You'll also be able to personalize your postage labels which can increase brand awareness. Today, let's take a look at the Top 3 Postage Meter Machines for Small Businesses.

1. Neopost IN-360

The Neopost IN-360 Mailing System is one of the most simple yet versatile postage meters in the market today. It is specifically made with small businesses in mind. It will be able to effectively reduce the amount of time needed to prepare outgoing mail. It will also allow you to save money used for postage expenses.

The Neopost IN-360 postage meter is made with an improved accountability and control of postage expenses. It accurately manages all types of postage and shipping details with the use of reliable apps and web tools. Your small business will be able to reduce operating costs using an Eco-friendly solution. This Neopost postage meter for sale will also give you accessibility to a wide range of apps and services which will help in improving parcel shipping, postal processing and digital communications. Shop this postage meter for sale at, one of th leading suppliers of postage meters from Neopost.

2. Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2

The Mailstation 2 by Pitney Bowes is an efficient and reliable postage meter which is recommended for small businesses. It is made with incredible versatility and easy of use. The company has made sure that the Mailstation 2 will be a great asset to your business. Using its built-in meter, you'll be able to track postage and refill them through phone or online.

With the Mailstation 2, you'll be able to save a lot of time and money. It is a very convenient digital postage meter which lets you avoid the hassle of physically going to a post office. It is an all in one machine which has built-in meters that lets you accurately calculate and weigh postage by using only one button. It will increase productivity and significantly reduce costs for your small business.

3. FP PostBase Mini

The FP Mailing Solutions PostBase Mini is part of their PostBase line. What sets the Mini apart is its ability process a maximum of seventeen letters per minute. It is a great asset for small businesses who typically have low volume mail. It is the first and only postage meter which uses Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI).

The FP PostBase Mini is the same system used by the USPS and is considered to be the most secure postage data system in the market today. It is created with the award winning PostBase design in a more compact and smaller form. As one of the best postage meters for small businesses, this machine features a colored touch screen interface which makes operations a lot faster and easier to complete. It also has a whisper quiet function for small businesses which prefer a more discreet environment.

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