Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chiropractic Evolved: A Comprehensive Approach to Postural Correction

Today, there are more and more chiropractic offices employing the use of new postural correction techniques. Disc decompression therapies, physical therapy, laser treatment for tissue regeneration, deep tissue massage, and other modalities are being employed in a more comprehensive approach to chiropractic care.

With this said, (like chiropractors) no two individuals are the same. Treatment of postural abnormalities will vary depending on the patient and the chiropractor providing the care. These are a few more advanced options when it comes to postural correction. Working with the right chiropractor can help you in regaining mobility and eliminating pain through some, if not all, of these approaches.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapies are used to treat lower back and neck pain, it is also a method used to treat bulging discs in the back. The non-surgical therapy technique cycles distraction and compression to the areas where pain is present, allowing chiropractors to focus on a particular disc. The "vacuum" effect this method employs within each disc stimulates growth of blood supply around the disc, and helps in the healing process.

Physical Therapies

Physical therapy is a common method used for pain management and to help regain mobility today as well. Many chiropractors employ this method when patients come in after suffering from an accident.

A car accident, a sports related injury, or other types of accidents, allow chiropractors to target a specific area. During therapy, they focus on rebuilding muscle, tissue, and helping the patient regain mobility over time. Depending on the injury, the exercises and types of therapies done will vary for each patient.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used to help stimulate living tissues, in an effort to help patients regain mobility in areas where the tissues aren't properly being used. Pain reduction via nerve regeneration is one benefit of this treatment option. Muscle soreness can be decreased with targeted laser sessions, edema reduction is also a benefit of using this technology in treating certain patients.

For bulging discs, lower back pain, neck pain, or other injuries, laser treatment is a newer technology which more chiropractic offices are employing into the arsenal of treatment methods for patients today. A good example is in the health-progressive Bay Area of California where Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic is one of the first chiropractors to adopt the laser therapy for his patients. He has not only seen significant results from the laser, but has earned the interest of many people seeking this therapy specifically to help them health and recovery from injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage & ART

Soft tissue massage is a way to help increase blood flow, help increase mobility, and to help in pain treatment and management for many patients. The Graston Technique is a method used by many chiropractors. It is a manual therapy, using an instrument assisted mobilization device, defined to target and detect areas of limited mobility.

Similar to deep tissues massage is Active Release Technique, or ART. This is specialized form of massage, or myofascial release, combined with targeted movement to encourage the release to tight muscles. Some chiropractors in turn use massage techniques and ART, such as BlyChiropractic.com, to help target areas of limited mobility, help relieve tension, and help patients regain mobility and eliminate pain.

Regardless of which chiropractor or chiropractic office you visit, in order to ensure the best postural correction and eliminate pain, patients should visit offices which employ a series of different treatment techniques. There is no single method which will work for every individual patient.

For this reason, chiropractic offices should employ a variety of treatment methods and specialties. Doing so not only allows chiropractic professionals to target specific areas of pain, but also help improve mobility, and help patients get back on their feet in less time following an injury or accident they were involved in.

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