Monday, November 24, 2014

Going Deep Into The Practice of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is one of the powerful as this types of massage therapy can create the most change in an individual's physical make-up. Unlike a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage can provide a host of benefits for individuals dealing with restricted ranges of motion, or worse: pain.

In this blog post, we go deep into the practice of deep tissue massage therapy and how you can get the most from this unique and highly beneficial form of massage.

Basics & Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is highly advantageous for individuals who put a lot of stress on their body (i.e. athletes, construction workers, etc.) Deep tissue massage applies very precise and targeted rubbing and specialized massage techniques that are intended to go deeper into tight and tense muscles of the body. The combination of strong pressure and slow massage movements can significant help to release muscular tension and even adhesions that can be held in contraction for long periods of time.

Deep tissue massage can provide a wide range of benefits for pain relief, athletic rehabilitation, and increased blood flow to specific location of the body that need healing. In most cases, deep tissue massage therapists apply a high level of compression and force on deeper layers of the muscle. This compression combined with slow and gliding movement is designed to reduce chronic patterns of tension and constant states of contraction.

In essence, a deep tissue massage is can be highly beneficial to relieve pain. And although this form of massage can sometimes be uncomfortable due to extreme muscle tension that result in knots or hard tissues, the outcome of the therapy can yield profound levels of relaxation and often times a release of serotonin in the body.

Ensuring Your Massage is Indeed "Deep Tissue"

Unfortunately, there's a wide quality spectrum in what some massage therapists call "deep tissue massage." In short, some people need an incredible amount of pressure to release hard tissues. In these cases, a very strong deep tissue massage can help. Alternatively, therapies like Active Release Technique (ART) may be more beneficial. With ART, a practitioner will apply similar deep tissue pressure while combining passive movement and other specialized techniques.

To get the best experience and outcome when investing in deep tissue massage, it's recommended to choose a massage therapist wisely. Do your research, read reviews, ask a lot of questions, and get familiar with your options before investing in the massage. Some therapists will be honest and upfront about their massage techniques and what you can expect. For information, we encourage your to consult with:

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The massage therapists of N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL apply a high level of strength to work deeply into tense and tight muscles while respecting the level of comfort of clients. Some deep tissue massage sessions can feel very intense (i.e. for rigorous athletes), however most clients enjoy the experience and find the outcome to help optimize their mobility.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Spa & Salon Services That Can Help Relinquish Stress

Women who have a lot of responsibilities including work, being mum and being the breadwinner experience regular periods of stress. All the burdens seem to fall on her not forgetting her monthly period that causes a hormone explosion. Many women may not know that spa and salon services could be the answer to stress. 

They may visit these salons occasionally but have no idea of the huge impact they are making on their body’s overall health. The following are five of the best salon and spa services for stress relief.

Massage Therapy

Massage is a form of body art that many salon professionals know how to perform. Massage relaxes the body and relieves tension. Most salons have a professional massage table set in a relaxing environment. The environment is supposed to be as cool and calm as possible allowing one to melt away their worries. A relaxing body massage improves circulation while restoring a tranquil state to the whole of your body. Some salons offer different massage options such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue and more.


A lady can enjoy a soothing face massage at a salon. This massage will improve circulation as well as relieve tension in the neck region. Facials can help a woman restore her natural beautiful glow. Some salons also offer a pore cleanse as part of the facial experience. The pore cleanse hydrates, repairs and cleans your skin. Other salons offer custom facials as well as organic and vitamin C facials. Vitamin C facials are great as an anti-aging technique.

Manicure and Pedicure 

These two options relieve stress greatly since they involve a great pampering of the hands and feet. First, a lady’s hands and feet are soaked in cleansing milk, lavender, almond or any other option available at your local salon. The hands and feet are then bathed.

This sensation causes one to feel dehydrated skin and the worries of life escape them one by one. The salon professionals then give you a massage that restores the life your hands and feet had once forgotten they had. This form of pampering restores nail health and is extremely calming.


Saunas are one salon service that can relieve stress as well as bad colds. The steam in this room improves breathing and circulation. Using a sauna can help relieve stress through relaxing tense nerves. The environment is cool allowing you to think of nothing but those four walls. All a lady has to do is sit, relax and let the steam take over. One can expect to reap the benefits of improved hydration and better skin.

Hair Salon Services 

Stress can lead to hair loss or thinning of hair. This kind of problem requires one to embrace relaxation. Regular pamper sessions can help a woman achieve this relaxation and manage stress. When hair is washed the sensation of cold water on the scalp makes you think of nothing else but your hair and the cold water.

It makes you forget the troubles you left behind the salon’s door. Salon professionals always offer a hair massage before you leave. This massage improves blood circulation on the scalp and could make your hair grow longer and thicker. Professional hair services could also help you sleep better.

A woman should consider regularly treating herself to all of the above services for a better stress-free life. This post is sponsored by local spa and salon in Peoria, IL:

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