Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 On-board Weighing System Applications by Walz Scale

Walz Scale and on-board weighing systems go hand-in-hand for those in the know. But for those who are new to on-board weighing systems, it might not quite be second nature to consider Walz Scale as the industry leader in on-board scales and weighing systems for various types of equipment and vehicles.

What typically sets Walz on-board weighing systems apart from the competition is their excellent technological capabilities, seamless integration, and ease of use. Walz on-board weighing systems and readout instruments are highly-regarded as some of the best and most versatile systems in the industry. Below are just a few of many applications of Walz on-board scales and weighing systems.

On-board Conveyor Belt Scales

On-board conveyor belt scales perform a very integral function in a variety of industrial uses but fundamentally it comes down to having an accurate weight of materials as they move along a rubberized, durable conveyor surface.

These on-board conveyor belt scales and their associated on-board weighing systems offered by Walz offer excellent and useful features such as field installation capability and a completely intuitive user interface.

On-board Wheel Loader Scales

On-board wheel loader scales are another very important use case for on-board weighing scale technology. If the task calls for a wheel loader, then a wheel loader scale is called for due to the fact that materials aren’t free.

Walz On-board wheel loader scales provide superbly simple operations along with special in-motion weighing ability for any onboard scale equipment.

On-board Lift Truck Scales

Fork lifts can significantly benefit from on-bard weighing and Walz is on-point to offer such a solution. Whether the device in question is a hydraulically-powered device or based around a strain-gauge architecture, it can be weighted using a lift truck scale device from Walz.

The ease of use always makes the job go smoothly, but nothing makes the job more bearable than saving an entire step out of the process. Some logistics pathways actually include a separate stage for weighing when forklifts are the centerpiece of their efforts. This should never be the case when Walz on-board weighing systems are in place.

On-board Rail Scales

In high-volume mining and agricultural situations, loaded materials typically end up in a train car at some point. Having on-board weighing system integrated on train cars can enable efficient weighing of each load to know the weight of the contents. Walz has been providing weighing products and services for rail applications, and in many forms

Walz provides on-board scales that can go right into the rail car without needing to actually bring the material cars into a new area. Having a rail scale in place saves time and money.

On-board Haul Truck Scales

With robust and impressive truck scale designs, a Walz haul truck scale system serves a number of valuable weighing functions with little to no maintenance per hour of operation.

Giving the ability to weigh loads during the processes of loading and dumping, the weighing process will definitely go smoother and faster. Weighing should never take the team off the task at hand longer than it need to — Walz is about getting the weighing out of the way.

Jobs or clients seeking optimal long-term use for fiscal feasibility should seek the quality of a Walz device. The variety of applications available for each device are diverse and many; consider the possibilities and the benefits of each. Regardless of how the materials get from their source to their destination, weighing can fit right into the process.

For more information about Walz on-board weighing systems and other leading truck scales for sale, visit WalzScale.com.


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