Friday, December 11, 2015

How 3PL Brings Wealth to All Players of the Supply Chain

The inclusion of a top-rated 3PL (third party logistics) company in a manufacturer's supply chain is beneficial to all the players involved, spanning from the manufacturer itself to the retailer displaying the products for sale. Here are some top aspects of 3PL providers that manufacturers, warehouse operators, and end-customers can benefit from in a supply chain.

Inventory Management & Tracking

A top benefit of using 3PL professionals is their ability to scale space, labor and transportation in accordance to inventory needs. Stock management and tracking of items is quite a big challenge for both big and small companies.

For manufacturers, 3PL service providers can help keep records of every item produced by the company, the number that was moved to warehouses and how many were left at the production point. This is very important as it can help you know when to increase or reduce production at your company.

For warehouse operators, 3PL inventory management and tracking can help in getting the right commodity for the right end-customers at the right time and place. This means that warehouse operators who have hired experienced 3PL providers will have the benefit of getting their stock moved in a swift way from the manufacturers to the intended customers.

Third-party logistics companies with proper inventory management and tracking policies can benefit the end-customers by ensuring that only the right items are transported to their doorsteps and within the right time every time they make an order. These experts will also ensure that the quality of items you buy is not compromised in any way by tracking the transportation system.

Production & Packaging of Items

Although effective packaging might seem to be of great benefit to only the warehouse operators, this service offered by 3PL providers is also of great benefit to the manufacturers and end-customers. For manufacturers, effective packaging of the goods will ensure that they are delivered in good condition to the end-consumers.

This will make your clients happy and even want to order more items from your company. The end-customers will benefit from a well-packaged order in many ways. First, they will get their orders in one piece and therefore save time and energy that could have been used in raising complaints about the condition of their packages.

Secondly, they will feel valued by the manufacturer if the goods come in charming packaging. As for warehouse operators, 3PL professionals can help them get the right materials for wrapping the warehouse items within the shortest time possible and using minimum input.

Transportation of Products

Apart from the effective management of storage units, 3PL companies are also usually involved in transportation of items. This can benefit your business by ensuring that all the transport logistics processes are well-taken care of in advance. This will save you from making costly mistakes that can eat into the time needed for the products to reach the end-consumers. With proper 3PL strategies, manufacturers do not need to worry about the paperwork, billing and audits needed for the goods to reach your customers.

This saves you the time needed to carry out a successful supply chain. In fact, the main aim of 3PL service provision is to save time on manufacturer's, warehouse operators and end-customers. Warehouse operators in their part can benefit from effective transportation system provided by third-party logistics companies by moving the items in a swift and trouble-free way inside their warehouses. In most cases, modern technological methods such as the use of remote-controlled conveyor belts to pack items ready for transportation to the end-consumers are used by 3PL contractors.

This makes it easier for warehouse operators to serve more clients within a short time. End-consumers can benefit from transportation networks provided by 3PL providers by receiving their shopping items on time and in good shape.

 Hopefully, these tips will help you realize how important 3PL service providers are in supply chain operations. Ensure that you get a top-notch 3PL company for your business to accomplish its full potential in supply chain management.

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