Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 3 Online Virus Removers on the Web

With the many online computer service companies that work to protect your PC's, Macbooks, and laptops from malware, spyware, and virus attacks, choosing the best service will be important in keeping your information secure and device working optimally. The following are the three companies that you should consider when you need online virus removal services.

1. Nerds on Call

Also a local computer repair company with locations throughout Illinois, Nerds on Call works to ensure that your computer hardware and software operates in optimal working condition. They fix computer hardware and software problems, and also offer one of the leading remote virus removal services on the web.

The online virus removal technicians at Nerds on Call work with you to discover any cause of a malfunction in your computer and solve it. In addition, the company helps you to secure your internet connection and home from prying eyes. They easily set up a firewall to protect you and your data. Furthermore, they do the work over the internet.

2. VirusTotal

VirusTotal provides online virus removal software to scan files, URLS, anti-virus engines and emails. They provide software which you can use from a desktop to scan an ongoing process. Virus Total has over 40 different antivirus engines which scan any file sent to VirusTotal. This means that the site uses several perspectives to determine whether a file is malicious.

  • The company’s antivirus engines can scan any type of file provided it does not exceed 128 MB.
  • You can choose to input a URL. The service tools can scan a full webpage.
  • You can also choose to upload more than one file with use of the desktop version to their site for scanning.
  • Their systems works as an extension for chrome, Firefox and internet explorer.
  • The company’s programs can scan any email attachment.
  • They also have services for android devices although it requires an app.
  • It have features to enable you search any past scan result.

  • You can not use their services for commercial purposes.
  • Their web interface can only scan one file at a time.
  • Their web interface has a more priority than the email attachment scanner.
  • Those files sent using a desktop program or email should not exceed 32 MB.
To learn more about their remote virus removal provisions, visit the official website of VirusTotal.

3. F-Secure

F-Secure is another online virus scanner service among the best. It is fast, streamlined and effective. The company’s systems have more integrated security features. Their program protects your information against spyware, viruses, Trojans and worms. It can also effectively locate and remove rootkits. Further, it is efficient in preventing the spread of viruses through cookies, emails and malware that try to penetrate through the PC registry.

F-Secure is among the leaders when it comes to performance according to Av-Test. The program is also among the products that have won the A+ rating from AV comparatives. F-secure program software provides a scanning process that is straight forward. The installer will automatically remove any antivirus software you may have pre-installed to prevent interference. The program is resource conscious and will protect your system without interfering with any of your resources. You can set the software to clean all the malicious files and place them in the quarantine until you decide to restore them.

F-secure virus removal solutions are beneficial in many ways. They will protect your MACS and PCs from spywares, viruses and any other type of malware. Their program also updates itself automatically and never slows your system.

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