Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Characteristics that Define the Best Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities have a lot to offer to the seniors. Be it nature trails, yoga classes, arts and crafts, leisurely activities, game nights or movie nights, there's usually something enjoyable, social, and fulfilling that older adults can experience at quality assist living communities.

There is more to great assisted living facilities than the fitness rooms or heated indoor pools; it’s all about the facility’s staff and the environment. It's the thought of knowing that your loved one gets all the attention and assisted care he or she needs.

If you're scouting for the perfect assisted living facilities or retirement communities, then this article is for you (or your loved one.) Below we share information about the characteristics that define the best assisted living communities.

1. A Clean, Safe, and Attentive Atmosphere

Assisted living is often associated with safety and care. The best communities have top quality staff members who always keep communication open. The staff members are easy to contact and decisive when something needs to be discussed.

From the director to the kitchen staff to nurses and care aides, everyone is ready to go out of their ways and do the little things that have immense impact on the senior’s life. In other words, assisted communities should be places where a senior can refer to the staff as considerate and dependable irrespective of who you call.

A perfect example is Snyder Village of the Peoria Area, one of top assisted living communities in the Midwest. At Snyder Village, the primary focus is the quality of the staff. They offer nurturing care and unparalleled levels of attention.

2. Home-Like Environment

Seniors don’t want to feel like they’re in a hospital, as a matter of fact, they don’t have to. Top notch assisted living facilities are spacious, have manicured grounds with flower beds, alluring decor and well maintained facilities.

They are places place where the living space reflects the resident’s personality. For instance, residents can hang their personal belongings such as photos and figurines on the walls.

3. Incredible Amenities

Assisted living should leave the seniors feeling like they’re on vacation. Seniors should be in for a treat with amenities like computer rooms, book libraries and classes that offer everything from scrap-booking to digital photography.

In simple terms, seniors shouldn’t stick to one place when in an assisted living community. Eating great food, using the facility’s bus ride to the shopping mall, walking the trails, golfing, well equipped fitness rooms, round the clock cafes, church services and game nights are some of the privileges to be enjoyed in top notch communities.

4. Family-friendly Environment

Sometimes, it’s tough to have your loved one placed under community care, thus it’s imperative that you find a community that’s family friendly to give you an assurance that you will stay connected to your loved one. Family involvement is vital and there should be special family nights at least three to five times every year.

Life is sweet in an assisted living facility when you can invite a friend over for lunch or when your grandchildren and great grandchildren get to visit you often. There are assisted living communities that send out invitations to family members during special events such as birthdays and other important gatherings.

Before you settle on a particular assisted living community, collect as much information as you can. You can visit the websites of various communities and read what others had to say about them. Be sure to pay a visit first, after all you want to place your loved one in the best assisted living facility.

This article was contributed on behalf of Snyder Village. When it comes to retirement in Peoria, older adults retreat to Snyder Village, one of the area's top retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

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