Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Can Regular Visits to Your Chiropractor Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Chiropractic is both a modern science and an art that is concerned with the restoration and proper maintenance of the nervous system in order to positively affect the health of a sick person without having to use traditional healing methods such as drugs and surgery. 

A chiropractors' practice is rooted on the scientific premise that our bodies are self-regulating, self-maintaining and self-healing organisms.

Sometimes the nervous system is damaged or weakened hence causing tissue and organ malfunction throughout the body. This condition is known to a chiropractor as the Vertebral Subluxation complex. With chiropractic adjustments, this condition can be averted and any nervous irritations relieved.

Chiropractic adjustments increase blood motion and circulation, reduce pain, removes swelling and relieves irritation to restore the body back to its functioning order. This way the body will be able to heal itself once again.

What conditions can a chiropractor treat?

The brain and the spinal cord do a lot of control and maintenance of bodily functions and conditions. A chiropractor is trained to help these organs go back to their normal working order by performing chiropractic adjustments techniques for various conditions.

Do not be surprised to find out that most conditions (from mild to serious) originate from a poor functioning brain cell. This means that chiropractors can treat a vast number of conditions because they specialize in easing the brain path (nervous system) to allow for self-healing.

What about blood pressure?

Regular visits to a Bloomington, IL chiropractor helps lower blood pressure. You may ask how this is possible. First, let us see what causes high blood pressure. While the causes for high blood pressure vary, they all revolve around the increase of blood pressure due to the narrowing of the arteries.

A person’s blood pressure varies throughout the day – it raises and falls - depending of the type of activity, fear and anxiety, mental arousal, and even body position. When a person’s blood pressure remains high over a long time, it results in a high blood pressure condition called hypertension. Chiropractic adjustments can help lower blood pressure to prevent this condition from occurring.

How chiropractic adjustments help lower blood pressure

If you are wondering how it is possible for a chiropractor to help prevent blood pressure build up, the answer is simple. Basic science tells us that every function and organ of the body is controlled by the brain and the nervous system. It is at the top of the spinal cord - right at the base of the brain - that the pressure regulatory mechanism of the circulatory system is controlled.

Sometimes the C1 or atlas’ ,the first bone of the neck, puts a lot of pressure on the top of the spinal cord, at the base of the brain and causes the vascular system to dysfunction. This dysfunction in the vascular system causes a stimulated increase in pressure on the walls of the arteries, hence blood pressure increases.

When a chiropractor does a neck adjustment on you, the pressure at the base of the brain and on the spinal cord is relieved to restore normal bodily function. This in turn lowers the blood pressure.

With chiropractic techniques, there are no drugs or surgeries used, yet the treatment is real, effective and safe from any drug related side effects.

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