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The Pettibon System for Chiropractic Care

As used by some of the most innovative chiropractors, The Pettibon System is an effective posture and spine correction methodology that not only provides pain relief, but also works toward restoring the normal form and function of the spine. It is a comprehensively researched, practical alternative to physical therapy and chiropractic care. Furthermore, the Pettibon System even an alternative to medication, pain management and surgery.

The Pettibon System chiropractic principles are based on the belief that gravity plays a fundamental role in the development of abnormal spinal form. Human beings are supposed to hold their heads upright and nervous system makes sure that they do this even if it means that the lower spine has to be displaced to accomplish it.

The Pettibon Weighting System

By taking the Pettibon chiropractic principles, Pettibon System practitioners utilize them in order to realign this spine. This way the spine is able to function optimally to help hold the head upright. The patented Pettibon Weighting System is the most important part of the Pettibon System, which is applied during this alternative treatment.

During chiropractic treatment, patient have to wear specially designed head, hip and shoulder weights for up to twenty minutes every day, which ultimately corrects their spine. The spinal displacement that requires correction determines how many weights and where they have to be placed.

The centers of mass of the head, pelvis and thoracic cage are altered when the weights are worn. As a result, sensory inputs are sent by the righting reflexes to the nervous system to inform it that the spine needs to be corrected. Since the body needs to be balanced to the weights, the natural organizing energy of the nervous system causes some of the spinal muscles to contract and others to relax.

As a result, the posture and spine are corrected and repositioned, making them relative to gravity. In addition, the involved muscles are prompted to do isometric exercises because of the weights. This restores their balance, endurance, and strength. This practice, along with adjustments and other treatments provided by a professional chiropractor, can offer profound levels of improvement in mobility and overall functioning.

Why Isometric Exercises?

The musculoskeletal system’s muscle bundles consist of two kinds of muscle fibers. One is the phasic muscle fiber and the other is the postural muscle fiber. Both types of fibers are present in each muscle bundle but typically, a muscle group is dominated by only one of these two types of fibers. Postural muscles have mostly the postural muscle fibers. In the gym, when people do aerobic exercises and lift weights, it is the phasic fibers that are affected. At that time, nothing much happens to the postural muscles. So, posture is not improved even though phasic muscles are strengthened by the exercises.

When phasic muscles are injured and/or get fatigued, they collapse and go flaccid. However, postural muscles spasm when they are injured and/or get fatigued. Moreover, postural muscles never spasm evenly, they spasm either front-to-back or side-to-side. That is why the body’s appearance is distorted by poor posture because the spine shifts from its normal position. In isometric exercises, pulling or pushing is involved against a force that moves extremely slowly or remains stationary. As a result, postural muscle spasms are eliminated, and their balance, endure and strength are corrected and rehabilitated.

Why The Pettibon System For Chiropractic Care?

For over 30 years, the Pettibon System has proven to be helpful in the improvement of the health of patients. It focuses on muscular development, nutrition, and postural and spinal correction. The Pettibon System involves the active participation of patients in their own care, both at the clinic and at home. Currently there are very limited chiropractic practices that offer the complete Pettibon System by certified chiropractors in Berkeley, CA and other parts of the world.

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