Monday, May 5, 2014

Is Rolfing the New Deep Tissue Massage?

Rolfing is a stem of soft tissue manipulation that seeks to organize and restore the whole body. Rolfing affects the body posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system.

Similar to massage, Rolfing is usually applied or administered by a qualified practitioner, but in a series of 10 or so sessions with the objective of maximizing individual well being and mind.

It's a hands–on body work system that improves structure and coordination, manipulates fascia and also improves energetic movement through the body.

Rolfing, in a way, is like deep tissue massage, but slightly different. Learn more about this powerful form of body work and why it's becoming the new form of massage treatment for individuals in need of more rehabilitative care. 

Intentions of Rolfing

The main purpose of Rolfing is actually to balance and realign your head,chest,shoulders,legs , and pelvis in order to create lasting changes in your body. This technique actually takes a holistic approach to improve the quality of life through your body.

By re-educating your movement patterns and re-aligning your body, you can greatly reduce or completely get rid of chronic pain issues, have more energy and increase flexibility.

Rolfing has given many people a chance to reduce or eliminate dependent on expensive time consuming maintenance programs that don’t deliver positive results. The main intentions of Rolfing are:

1. Improve posture and alignment - You will be able to sit and stand straighter and taller with less effort. You will also breathe easily and feel lighter.

2. Aches and pain - Rolfing will reduce pain and tension in your body. This is because this technique will make your body more balanced and symmetrical.

3. Improves Flexibility - Rolfing will enable you have easier movements and a wider range of motion in the joints. Older people will appreciate a sense of youthfulness as earlier movement pattern will be restored.

4. Performance and well being - You will use less energy for any given movement and also be able to perform movements with ease and greater efficiency.

5. Stress and well being - Rolfing will help relieve paint and also contribute to your overall well being. You will experience psychological growth as the emotional history that is stored in your body gets released. Free and more responsive body will support you better in every aspect of your life.

How Rolfing Relates to Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage mainly focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It works by tackling the stress that can block circulation and cause inflammation, pain and limit movement.

Although Rolfing differs from deep tissue massage, they have some common characteristics. Some of those characteristics include:
  • Both work to realign the body
  • The both help you to relax
  • They both help to relive stress, pain muscle tension and inflammation
  • They both help to improve circulatory and respiratory problems
  • They both improve flexibility
However, unlike deep massage tissue which often focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort, Rolfing is aimed at improving body functioning and alignments. Rolfing is different from deep tissue massage in that practitioner are trained to care for overall ease and balance throughout the body rather than focusing on area with tension.

Furthermore, Rolfing can speed up pain recovery by reducing pain, muscle tension and stiffness. Unlike other forms of massage therapy which is usually a onetime treatment, Rolfing structural integration is usually performed in a series of 10 sessions.

The practitioner begins with your head and works down to the feet. In addition, Rolfing practitioners believe that Rolfing is actually a spiritual process. Many people who have undergone through this process have reported to have experienced emotional catharsis.

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