Monday, January 13, 2014

Piano Distributors: Providing Piano Products & Services Throughout the Southeast and Midwest U.S.

With an honest reputation as a "trusted piano dealer for over 50 years," Piano Distributors has grown to become one of the most pronounced brands in the piano industry. Piano Distributors specializes in a wide range of products and services, and has stores that are strategically placed in 14 different locations.

Whether you're looking for Yamaha pianos, Baldwin pianos, and various other types of digital pianos, Piano Distributors can meet your needs - and conveniently in many different areas. Customers can find both new and used pianos in Atlanta, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, and various other locations in Southeast and Midwest U.S.

Beyond being just a piano dealer, Piano Distributors also offers numerous services to support your piano playing desires. Whether you're looking for piano lessons in Raleigh or need to rent pianos in Atlanta, Piano Distributors offers many solutions.

Piano Rentals

Piano Distributors offers many programs for piano rentals. For special events and parties that need an exceptional quality piano, customers can opt for their Event Piano Rental services, which is popular for weddings and special occasions.

There are also month-to-month piano rental programs, which are common for temporary residents, such as individuals living in Florida during the winter. And then there is the Try Before You Buy Piano Rental program, which offers interested customers the chance to experience a model of their choosing before making a purchase.

Piano Lessons

Each of the piano stores of Piano Distributors is dedicated to teaching community with exceptional piano lesson programs. In addition to providing the best quality pianos for learning, the company sets out to provide access to the top piano teachers. Piano Distributors offers piano lessons for all ages in each of its 14 stores. Also available are cutting-edge learning systems like Yamaha’s Quick Play and Scott Houston’s Play Piano in a Flash.

Other specialty services of Piano Distributors include tuning and repair of pianos, piano storage, and piano moving. With so many offers, there's no question how the brand has earned its reputation in the music instrument industry.

Buying Pianos 

When it comes to buying pianos, Piano Distributors not only has the widest selection of products, but also offers financing options for customers. Take advantage of the company's Piano Match™ system on the website, where you can discover the ideal piano right for you.

Piano Distributors specializes in all models of Yamaha pianos, including some of the world's most popular digital pianos- the Yamaha Clavinova and the Yamaha Disklavier reproducing piano. Also available are Baldwin pianos, Kawai pianos (only at select Florida piano stores), Pramberger pianos, Hardman pianos, Young Chang (only in Georgia and Midwest piano stores), and Cable–Nelson pianos.

Additionally, customers can find various styles of both new and used pianos, such as retrofit player piano systems (like PianoDisc,) grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos. Piano Distributors also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 100% trade-up policy, in addition to the lowest prices and the largest selections. So if you're interested in buying pianos in Columbia, GA or perhaps pianos in Tampa, Piano Distributors is nationally recognized brand that can help meet your needs.


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