Sunday, December 15, 2013

Be More Eco-friendly with Reusable Sanck Bags

Eco Lunch Gear is a company known for making eco-friendly reusable snack bags that can be used over and over, avoiding the waste that goes with paper bags and plastic snack bags, and non-reusable sandwich wraps, which on a daily scale per child is overwhelming.

Reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps not only hold snacks and lunch items, like sandwiches, fruit, and veggies, but they also act as a place mat on which to eat your lunch as well. If you are at work you don’t need to go find a plate for your sandwich because eco-friendly reusable snack bags (specifically Eco Lunch Gear's reusable sandwich wraps) acts as a plate that you just rinse when you are finished. With these eco-friendly snack bags, the less paper plates that are used, the better it is for the environment.

They have several different kinds of eco-friendly reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps to accommodate whatever types of foods you may be traveling with. Any lunch choice can be placed in these reusable snack bags. Some types of eco-friendly wraps only fit sandwiches but the wraps that cinch together instead of snapping closed are good for snacks such as fruit or any other kind of snack you may prefer. But what's very important to some users is that these reusable snack bags are all completely reusable and very eco-friendly.

This eco-friendly company is trying to avoid throwing away all of the millions of paper and plastic bags that will be tossed out into the trash this school year. They believe it is very important to think about what the planet will be like in the children’s futures if everyone ignores the fact that the world is falling prey to constant waste and lack of reusable resources. This company stands by its eco-friendly feelings that if you can reuse things then you should. Why be wasteful if you don’t have to?

Reusable Snack Bags in Many Different Styles Eco Lunch Gear's reusable sandwich wraps, snack bags, and other eco-friendly products come in different patterns, so that each child can pick out the one they like best. With the different kinds of reusable snack bags and colors and patterns available to choose from there shouldn't be a problem finding the right one. Eco Lunch Gear is trying to make choices that positively affect the planet, and future generations, more widely available and easy to use so that people have real options.

All of Eco Lunch Gear's reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps, and other eco-friendly products are made from 100% certified organic cotton and they are lead free and BPA free for public safety. These reusable snack bags are also stain resistant. They are so easy to clean that just running them under some water will almost always do the trick right away. They hope that this would not only help the planet, but will also set a good example for the next generation so that they can learn good habits. They will hopefully learn that people need to act responsibly. If people don’t act now the planet may soon become one giant landfill.

These great new easy and eco-friendly snack bags cost only $10.50 each. If people used these instead of putting a sandwiches into a plastic bags then into a brown paper bags every day then they would make back that money so fast their heads will spin. There is nothing about the reusable snack bag that seems like it wouldn't be worth buying. They are green, they are reusable, easy to clean, inexpensive and easy to use. They’re even easier than the old way ever was.

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