Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Mental Health Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

Most people look for simple ways to improve their everyday lives. They largely depend on nutritional diets and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even though these aspects are highly important when it comes to being healthy there are still other things that one can do in order to support a healthy lifestyle, specifically ones mental health.

Playing a music instrument is known to improve one’s overall mental health and well-being. In fact, taking up piano lessons can offer a wealth of mental health benefits that many individuals would not expect.

When one takes piano lessons, it cannot only reap quite a number of benefits during the early stages but also throughout the person’s lifetime. According to various scientific researches, taking piano lessons or playing the piano is beneficial to ones health and general wellbeing, regardless of whether or not it’s a child or an adult.

The following are some of the mental health benefits associated with playing pianos:

  • Playing the piano can help to increase a person’s cognitive development. Several scientific studies show that producing music helps to stimulate one’s brain in ways that that other activities can’t. A person’s neurological pathways are connected whenever they play the piano. This discipline can be applied in other fields such as mathematics, engineering or science.
  • Playing the piano promotes better eye-hand coordination. When a person reads piano sheet music, they train their eyes and hands to work intimately together. Additional things like sight reading drills help to further enhance eye-hand coordination.
  • Playing the piano also helps to, develop fine motor skills. Nimble hands are only able to move so efficiently because of consistent practice. The size of one’s hands does not affect whether or not they can learn to play the piano. The crucial thing is training one’s hands to produce the kind of agility that is required for playing some of the most demanding piano compositions out there.
  • Learning to play the piano requires some significant amount of dedication. In order to become an accomplished pianist, one has to be highly dedicated. Taking regular piano lessons each day will help to instill some level of discipline in a person. Such kind of discipline can prove crucial in other aspects of life.
  • Playing the piano helps to reduce stress and anxiety. When one sits down to play a piano for even just a few hours, it can help to keep their mind focused. This in turn helps to relieve stress and anxiety lowering the individual’s blood pressure.
  • Playing the piano tends to have an effect on one’s mental health. Most pianist notice a reduction of issues associated with depression cases and other mental health issues. Social pains like loneliness can also be tackled with playing the piano.

There are literally no negative side effects that arise from playing the piano. So whether you're seeking piano lessons in Raleigh or Atlanta, GA, seeking therapy and enjoyment in the piano is highly beneficial for your self wealth.

Taking piano lessons is highly beneficial to the body and mind of an individual. When a person plays the piano, it helps to promote good discipline together with unlimited creativity. Playing the piano is an activity that be done by any individual who has the desire to learn regardless of their intellect or age.


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