Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Best Forms of Natural Wooden Toys for Kids' Learning & Development

Often overlooked for their simplicity and perceived "boring" nature, wooden toys for kids come in many mind-expanding forms that are ideal for kids' learning and development. These natural wooden toys are equally as affordable as (if not cheaper) than mainstream plastic toys. They also provide a wealth of benefits.

Natural wooden toys help stimulate kids' creativity, memory, imagination, and overall cognitive development. In this article, we're going to dive into many different forms of natural wooden toys for kids, as well as sources to find these natural toys online.

Wooden Puzzles

One of the best types of natural wooden toys that help kids develop mental capacity and sharpness are wooden puzzles. Puzzles are a wonderful kids learning tool that come in many forms. They can also suit many age groups, ranging from month-old babies to growing kids.

Wooden puzzles are natural toys that are often more simple yet rooted in nature. The simplicity of these wooden toys inspires more imaginative and creative play, and as a result, kids often tap into deeper levels of engagement, memory, and learning.

Wooden Dollhouses

Also designed to inspire high level of creativity and imagination, wooden dollhouses are a great natural toy for girls. Wooden dollhouses come in many styles, sizes, and themes, offering a diverse selection for different interests and age ranges.

Among the most awesome and interactive dollhouse in the wooden toys category is the Plan Toys Wooden Green Dollhouse (with Furniture - DS). Designed for children over 3 years of age, this fully-furnished, wooden (doll)house is something both boys and girls can enjoy.

Although you can find this wooden dollhouse and other natural wooden toys at places like Amazon, you can give show incredible support for small and local growing businesses in organic, natural, and wooden toys for kids (and pay the same prices.) A trusted online supplier of natural wooden toys for kids is Hazelnut Kids. Hazelnut Kids has an abundance of natural toys for babies and kids of all ages, including the Plan Toys Wooden Green Dollhouse.

Wooden Blocks & Building Toys

Not just for boys, wooden blocks are kids toys that also suit many age groups. Unlike plastic and cardboard toy blocks, wooden blocks provide a more natural feel. There are also countless options for kids wooden toy blocks.

Some of the most popular forms are wooden blocks are building and construction-oriented toys. These can range from wooden block sets of cities and buildings to simple Jinga-like blocks that give kids optimal creative control. There are countless options for wooden blocks, so check out various products and discover the benefits of these wooden toys for kids.

Wooden Toys & Figures

There are various other natural wooden toys for kids of all ages. Another form of wooden toy the helps encourage creative development in kids are figures. For example, wooden castle sets enable kids to build and play with their creations.

For instance, Hazelnut Kids offers four different wooden castle sets and an abundance of figures, including dragons, horseback knights, and members of the royalty. Also great choices in the Hazelnut Kids line-up of wooden toys for kids.

Head over to their website and begin exploring the varieties of organic natural toys at Hazelnut Kids. You'll be sure to find something that suits your children's age and interests.


  1. Wooden toys are an amazing for developing many skills for your children. Also they are practical, easy to clean, no chemicals made to make them and will last a lot longer than their plastic counterparts and helps to develop their imagination and creativity as they can make whatever they wish.

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