Monday, March 17, 2014

Be Sustainable with Eco Lunch Gear's Reusable Sandwich Wrap

The reusable sandwich wrap from Eco Lunch Gear is one of the best eco-friendly and sustainable options to choose for lunch packing. Why?

First of all, the material from which Eco Lunch Gear's reusable sandwich wraps are made from are 100% organic cotton. This not only makes these eco-friendly wraps soft and delecate, but also strong and durable.

The wraps can be crafted in many types of prints that are creative, fun and exciting. This makes them perfect for children who want to enjoy their sandwiches at school. Because it is named “reusable”, such a product can be used for many years, being perfectly cleanable or washable.

A Eco-friendly Solution to Disposable Sandwich Bags

Such eco-friendly solutions can be an awesome alternative to using disposable plastic sandwich bags. Even though plastic bags may seem easy to use and cheap, on long term they can be costly and there are many health issues related to the use of plastic materials for food packing.

In other words, if you choose a reusable sandwich wrap from Eco Lunch Gear, you can save money and also help the environment at the same time. Some plastic bags contain toxic substances such as BPA’s, phthalates, or lead, which can also be a health concern.

Reusable Sandwich Wraps Keep Food Fresh

Worried about quality and freshness of your food? No worries.

Just read the reviews about the reusable sandwich wrap. Not only do they keep food fresh, but there are no corners or seams and the wrap opens completely, allowing you to easily clean it for using it next time. Additionally, reusable sandwich wraps can last years when properly cared for.

More Than Eco-friendly. These Sandwich Wraps Are Stylish

Want a cool design for your reusable sandwich wrap? There's a huge variety of patterns, sizes and colors to choose. The prints can be simple floral, animal, geometric shapes and many others. Even the coloring agents that are used in the manufacturing process are harmless and non-toxic. Kids can enjoy adding some color and excitement to their school lunch with the reusable sandwich wrap.

There are large labels for personalizing your sandwich wrap with your name any the text you want. The work involved in using and manipulating reusable sandwich wraps is minimal. All you have to do is wash them in cold water and iron them for being able to use them again. Some types can have velcro attachments and some can even have handles for improved portability. In this way, you can take your package to school, office, picnic, trips, etc. There is no need for caring heavy steal boxes, or plastic boxes that many people still use today.

No matter what is the purpose of choosing a reusable sandwich wrap (at work, at school for your kid, etc.) an eco-friendly product is always the best choice and it is becoming a trend setter. You will save money and the environment around you while ripping all the other benefits of having a sandwich packed in harmless materials full of color and personality. You can use such products for all your family and improve your family lifestyle, transforming lunch into something magnificent.

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