Friday, March 7, 2014

Organic Baby Toys: Developing Smarter And Healthier Kids

Natural organic baby toys have become increasingly popular in the recent years, primarily because of the news about the health hazards and risks associated with unnatural toys made with plastic and lead-infused. Smart parents who are concerned about the health of their growing children opt for organic baby toys.

Interested in learning more? Below we offer information and resources about why choosing organic baby toys is a righteous decision.

What Are Organic Baby Toys and How Are They Made?

Organic baby toys are made from materials that do not incorporate the use of any chemicals or toxic materials or substances. These natural toys are made from materials that are specially grown using sustainable resources. They are made from materials like natural untreated and unbleached cotton that is free from pesticides, natural wool, and wood that is grown organically and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Organic baby toys are also made of natural fabrics with natural corn or cotton filling. Some are even brightly colored with natural dyes to appeal the child. They are totally free from any toxic substances and hazardous chemicals like lead, cadmium, BPA and phthalates. Hence you need not worry about your child ingesting harmful materials when playing with the organic toys.

How Do Organic Baby Toys Minimize Health Hazards?

As organic baby toys are a natural choice for eco-friendly and health-minded families, it is very important to note that it minimizes any risk of chemical exposure for the kids. Generally babies, in their first year have a tendency to put everything in their mouth and are hence susceptible to the dangerous chemicals that are used in the production of the traditional toys.

Although some plastic toys are labelled as non-toxic, they can emit substances called dioxins that are highly poisonous in nature. Moreover plastic toys are softened during the manufacturing process using phthalates. This can interfere with the hormonal function and impede the growth and development in the child.

Yes, non-organic toys are made from materials that pose serious health issues to growing children. Hence ensuring the health and well-being of your baby it is best to go for the organic toys that are non-allergic and eco-friendly in nature. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and cannot tolerate environmental allergens. Toys that use organic materials are gentle and safe on the baby’s tender and delicate skin.

5 Benefits of Organic Baby Toys for Child Development

1. Because natural and organic toys for babies are more simple in nature, they boost babys' ingenuity and craftsmanship to engage in creative and imaginative play. In essence, they trigger the child’s imaginative skills and foster creativity.

2. Various studies have shown that naturally-induced levels of creativity drastically affect mental health for the better. Natural wooden toys for kids engage children in a unique experience that has a positive psychological effect which can ultimately boosts mental health.

3. Scientific research studies have clearly evidenced that plastic, unnatural toys can contribute to adverse health conditions. The phthalates used in PVC to make it soft and flexible is associated with a variety of medical conditions. Inhalation of these toxic substances can also cause asthma in kids. As kids normally cuddle or mouth these toys they are prone to serious health threats. Organic toys are totally safe as they use only natural materials.

4. Organic toys are eco-friendly in nature and do not contribute to the environmental degradation and pollution. In this way, your family will be contributing to a safer and better environment for tomorrow.

5. From wooden rattles to organic teethers, with wooden natural toys, babies can teeth and play safely while developing hand-eye coordination. In short organic toys enhance and stimulate your child’s overall development while allowing them to have the fun in the process.

Organic baby toys are the perfect choice for parents who are much concerned about the overall health and development of their baby. The market is flooded with beautiful and innovative natural toys. Buy them for your baby and make your baby’s world happy, healthy and safe.

Make sure that your child’s playtime is safe by investing in natural and organic toys. Every mother desires to give the best for her child. Yes, if you are a conscientious mother (or father) choose natural and organic baby toys to assure a safe playing environment for your loved ones. It's time you safeguard your kids from the potentially toxic materials of non natural toys.

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